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littleBits Keyboard

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Webblager: 21 st tillgängligt Uppskattad leveranstid: 5-7 dagar
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Vikt & dimension
Vikt10 g
Höjd12,7 mm
Bredd95,2 mm
Djup190,5 mm
Produktens färgcheckmark
Brand kompatibilitetlittleBits
Source: Icecat.biz

The keyboard Bit features 13 buttons that make up an octave of notes like a piano. This Bit can be used with an oscillator Bit to play melodies. Similar to a piano, the white keys on the keyboard are on the bottom row, and the black keys are spaced on top.

The keyboard has two modes: "press", which only produces output when you press a button, and "hold", which will sustain the last note you played. You can use the"octave dial" to change the playable range. The top bitSnap is a "trigger out:", which sends an on or 5 volt signal whenever a key is pressed. Try using it with the "trigger in" of the envelope or other Bits.