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littleBits Random

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Vikt & dimension
Vikt10 g
Höjd12,7 mm
Bredd95,2 mm
Djup190,5 mm
Produktens färgcheckmark
Brand kompatibilitetlittleBits
Source: Icecat.biz

The random Bit is the perfect way to shake things up when your invention gets too repetitive. When used with the oscilator or other synth Bits it creates unpredictable voltages and trigger signals to create complex sound sequences. It can either produce white noise, or it can control oscillators to make them play random pitches.

The random Bit has two modes: "noise" and "random voltage". In "noise" mode, it outputs white noise, like a radio not tuned to any station. In "random voltage" mode, it outputs random voltage signals that can control oscillators. The random Bit needs a clock input like the pulse or micro sequencer. Adjust the speed to change the random rate.