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Makey Makey STEM Pack -12-pack with bonus extras-

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Perfect for classrooms, schools, districts, workshop teachers, and anyone else that wants all their Makey Makeys in a really nicely organized briefcase. The Makey Makey STEM Kit is a distillation of 12 Makey Makeys, 12 booster packs and some extra parts for when you want to invent something even bigger.

The Makey Makey STEM Pack contains:

• 12 Makey Makey Classics
• 12 (6ft) Alligator Clips
• 12 (6ft) Connector Wires
• 72 extra Alligator Clips
• 144 New and Improved Connector Wires (for the back)
• 12 Makey Makey-Optimized Conductive 6B Pencils

In addition, each of the 12 Makey Makeys in the STEM Pack has its own box that comes out of the case containing the Makey Makey, USB cable, 7 alligator clips, and how-to booklet. Tiedot:

In the box 12 (6ft) Alligator Clips, 12 (6ft) Connector Wires, 12 Makey Makey Classics, 12 Makey Makey-Optimized Conductive 6B Pencil?s, 12 USB cables, 12 how-to booklets, 144 New and Improved Connector Wires (for the back), 72 extra Alligator Clips