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Viewsonic 27" VP2768-4K, 4K UHD, IPS - skärm

Tillverkare: VIEWSONIC
ID: VP2768-4K
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Bildpunktavstånd0,1554 x 0,1554 mm
Kontrastförhållande (medel)1300:1
Horisontellt sökområde15 - 136 kHz
Betraktningsvinkel (horisontell)178°
Synfältsvinkel (vertikal)178°
Vertikalt sökområde24 - 75 hz
Bildstorlek horisontalt59,7 cm
Bildstorlek vertikalt33,6 cm
Skärm diagonal68,6 cm (27")
Svarstid (medel)5 ms
Färgdjup10 bit
Upplösning4K 3840 x 2160 pixels
Diagonal skärmstorlek68,47 cm
Grafikupplösningar som stöds640 x 480 (VGA), 720 x 400, 800 x 600 (SVGA), 1024 x 768 (XGA), 1280 x 1024 (SXGA), 1440 x 900 (WXGA+), 1920 x 1080 (HD 1080), 1920 x 2160, 2560 x 1440, 3840 x 2160
Kontrastförhållande (dynamisk)20000000:1
Typ av bakgrundsbelysningW-LED
Max uppdateringsfrekvens60 hz
Anti-glare skärmcheckmark
Native bildförhållande16:9
HD-typ4K Ultra HD
Antal färger1,073 miljarder färger
sRGB-täckning (typisk)99%
NTSC-täckning (typisk)75%
Ljusstyrka (normal)350 cd/m²
Antal HDMI-portar2
Hörlursanslutning3,5 mm
Antal Displayportar1
Antal Mini Displayportar1
Inbyggd USB-hubbcheckmark
USB-hubbversion3.2 Gen 1 (3.1 Gen 1)
Typ av USB-port uppströmsUSB Typ B
Antal USB typ A-portar nedströms4
Antal USB typ B-portar uppströms1
Vikt & dimension
Bredd (med stativ)613 mm
Höjd (med stativ)541 mm
Djup (med stativ)215 mm
Vikt (utan stativ)4,2 kg
Höjd (utan stativ)353 mm
Bredd (utan stativ)613 mm
Djup (utan stativ)50 mm
Vikt (med stativ)6,9 kg
Strömförbrukning (vanlig)46 W
Strömförbrukning i avslaget läge0,3 W
Strömförbrukning i PowerSave läge29 W
Strömförbrukning i vänteläge0,3 W
Växelström Frekvens50 - 60 hz
AC-inspänning100 - 240 V
Energieffektivitetsklass (SDR)F
Energiförbrukning (SDR) per 1 000 timmar21 kWh
Intervall för relativ operativ luftfuktighet20 - 90%
Temperaturintervall (förvaring)-20 - 60 ° C
Temperatur vid drift0 - 40 ° C
Fuktighet (förvaring)5 - 90%
Vikt inkl. förpackning10,1 kg
Låddjup460 mm
Höjd268 mm
Förpackningens bredd720 mm
Plug & Play-kompatibelcheckmark
Produktvikt (oz)checkmark
Höjdjustering13 cm
Hållare0 - 120°
Lutningsvinkel-5 - 21°
Skärmgränssnitt (OSD)checkmark
Gränsssnitt för panelmontering100 x 100 mm
Antal OSD språk14
Pivot vinkel0 - 90°
Typ av kabellåsanslutningKensington
Förpackningens innehåll
Kabel inkluderadAC, Mini DisplayPort, USB
Stå ingårcheckmark
CertifieringcTUVus, FCC-B, Mexico CoC, Mexico Energy
Produktens färgSvart
Positionering på marknadenBusiness
Löstagbart stativcheckmark
Fötter färgSvart
Främre infattningSvart
Ramlös designcheckmark
AMD FreeSynccross
Låg blåljus-teknikcheckmark
Inbyggda högtalarecross
Inbyggd kameracross
HållbarhetscertifieringENERGY STAR, EPEAT Gold
Source: Icecat.biz

Perfect for photographers, designers, videographers, and other creative professionals, the ViewSonic® VP2768-4K Ultra HD monitor delivers unmatched colour accuracy and reliable long-term performance. With a SuperClear® IPS panel and a sleek frameless design, this monitor provides a near-seamless viewing experience ideal for multi-monitor setups. To ensure precise, uniform colour, each of our monitors is factory calibrated to deliver an amazing Delta E<2 value for superior colour accuracy. An integrated colour uniformity function ensures consistent chromaticity across the screen, while a 14-bit 3D look-up table generates a stunningly smooth palette of 4.39 trillion colours. Add to that 6-axis colour adjustment functionality, and this monitor provides the ultimate colour processing capability for professional applications. What’s more, an advanced ergonomic design delivers customised comfort for increased productivity. Hardware calibration is also available with compatible calibrators, which allow you to quickly and easily calibrate the monitor for photography, graphic design, content creation, and other colour-critical applications.

Colorbration+ Long-term Color Consistency

ViewSonic’s Colorbration+ offers hardware calibration that aligns communication between the graphics card and the monitor to ensure long-term consistency and accurate colors on ViewSonic ColorPro monitors.

A Colour Gamut that Aligns with Industry Standards

A 100%* sRGB colour coverage capability breeds richer and more vivid colours, ensuring images align to industry standards with perfection.
*Percentages have been rounded to the nearest integer and calculated by using the specifications as provided by the panel makers

Superior Colour Reproduction

Delta E<2 colour accuracy delivers stunning colour reproduction that is nearly indistinguishable from real life for consistent and brilliant imagery every time.

Harmonious Uniformity

ViewSonic’s uniformity correction function precisely balances luminance performance, improving delta luminance variance to <5% for more consistent brightness from edge to edge.
* Uniformity function only works while in sRGB, EBU, SMPTE-C and REC709 colour modes.

4K Ultra High Pixel Density

With a 27” 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution panel, pixel density on the VP2768-4K reaches an impressively high 163 pixels per inch (PPI), including almost four times more on-screen information than Full HD and displaying images in magnificent 4K detail. Ideal for image-critical photographers, designers, and video editors to review high quality images and produce 4K high definition videos.

SuperClear® IPS Panel Technology

Enjoy steady images from all angles with SuperClear® IPS Panel Technology, where colour shift is minimised to provide you with consistent colours throughout its 178˚ ultra-wide viewing angle.

An Ergonomic Design with Auto Pivot Function

A full range of swivel, pivot, tilt, and height adjustment allows you to find the most comfortable positioning of the monitor. The built-in G sensor allows screen images to pivot automatically and fill the screen when positioned vertically.
*Please download the Auto Pivot software before activating the Auto Pivot function

Seeing without Boundaries

A 4-sided frameless design creates a seamless and full visual experience when used in side-by-side and multi-monitor setups, without the distraction of a border. Users can enjoy a cleaner and smoother editing experience when extending content.

An Easy and Smart Way to Assemble Your Monitor

The VP2768-4K includes the modern and clever quick release stand. No bolts and screws needed; simply press a button to detach the screen. Simple, easy, and smart.

Versatile Connectivity with HDCP 2.2 Decryption

HDMI, USB 3.0, DisplayPort, and Mini DisplayPort inputs provide connection flexibility. Additionally, the VP2768-4K comes with HDCP 2.2 (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) – providing you with next level security.

Individualised Colour Calibration Report

Every unit comes pre-calibrated from factory with an individualised colour calibration report. Each report gives users an individual reading of the panel’s sRGB, EBU, SMPTE-C, REC709, and a uniformity report - giving users 10 additional item readings than a typical colour report. Moreover, time spent fine-tuning the VP2768-4K is 4 times more than the competing brands, bringing our users the highest quality colour calibration possible.

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