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Amazfit GTS 2 mini - smartklocka, Sage Green

Amazfit GTS 2 mini - smartklocka, Sage Green

Tillverkare: AMAZFIT
ID: A2018SG
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Tekniska data
Originalmodellens namnAmazfit GTS 2 mini
Skärm diagonal3,94 cm (1.55")
Ljusstyrka450 cd/m²
Upplösning354 x 306 pixlar
Pixeltäthet301 ppi
Närfältskommunikation (NFC)cross
Vikt & dimension
Vikt19,5 g
Bredd40,5 mm
Djup35,8 mm
Tjocklek8,95 mm
Batterikapacitet220 mAh
Drifttid för batteri504 h
Laddningstid2 h
Trådlös laddningcross
Automatiskt standbylägecheckmark
Förpackningens innehåll
Produktens färgSage green
EnhetstypSmart klocka
Vattentät upp till50 m
SkyddsfunktionerReptålig, Stänkskyddad, Vattentät
Positionering på marknadenSmartwatch
Band färgGrön
FörslutningstypBygelspänne till klockarmband, med enkel låshake
Spännets färgSvart
FärgnamnSage Green
Vattentålig upp till5 ATM
Föreslagen målgruppUnisex
Avtagbar remcheckmark
Inbyggd mikrofoncross
Inbyggda högtalarecross
Installerat operativsystemRTOS
Inbyggd kameracross
Mobila operativsystem som stödsAndroid 10, Android 5.0, Android 5.1, Android 6.0, Android 7.0, Android 7.1, Android 7.1.2, Android 8.0, Android 9.0, iOS 10.0, iOS 11.0, iOS 11.4, iOS 12, iOS 13
Namn och uppringnings-IDcheckmark
Smarta aviseringarcheckmark
Virtuell assistentAmazon Alexa

Mini Size, Max Power
Ultra-slim and Light Design I Always-on AMOLED Display
Blood-oxygen Saturation Measurement I 70+ Sports Modes

Super-light and Thin.
Enjoy the Lightness of Time.
The Amazfit GTS 2 mini adopts a borderless design1. featuring carefully curved 2.5D glass to enhance your most fashionable outfits. With a light 19.5 g2 weight, a thickness of 8.95 mm (without the sensor base), and a skin-friendly silicone strap, the GTS 2 mini allows you to enjoy the lightness of time.

Vibrant AMOLED Display.
Enhanced Color and Clarity.
The Amazfit GTS 2 mini features a 1.55-inch AMOLED screen, meaning your display will be exciting, vibrant and practical whenever you check the time.

Personalized Watch Faces.
Diverse in Style,
Unique in Charm.

As a trendy smartwatch, the GTS 2 mini can be personalized to reflect the unique character of every user. With 50+ watch faces to choose from, most of which have a matching Always-on Display3, you can make sure you're always in-style and able to see the interface you like. Or, to make the watch face truly yours, upload your own photos to the background and focus on what you care about with the custom modular dial.

All-round Health Management.
Every Detail Matters.

The Amazfit GTS 2 mini can provide heart rate monitoring, blood-oxygen saturation measurement, sleep monitoring, stress level monitoring and female cycle tracking, as well as other functions to achieve total health management from your wrist. The PAI™ health assessment system also processes complex health data with an advanced algorithm to present your physical condition in a simple, single-value score.

Blood-oxygen Saturation
Your Personal Health Guardian.

Blood-oxygen saturation (SpO2) is one of the most important indicators of human health, and so we made sure to include an SpO2 measurement function for the fully-upgraded Amazfit GTS 2 mini. After engaging in sustained, intense physical or mental activity, hold your arm still and test your SpO2 level the moment you start feeling unwell to get a better understanding of your physical condition.

24H Heart Rate Monitoring.
Warnings to Protect You.

The 24-hour high-precision heart rate monitoring function of the GTS 2 mini supports industry-leading in-depth tracking of heart health5. Warnings for abnormally elevated heart rate are also provided, reducing the probability of accidents and helping to protect your life.

Sleep Quality Monitoring6 for Optimal Performance.
Analyze Sleep Stages and Naps.

The Amazfit GTS 2 mini can assess your sleep breathing quality throughout the light, deep and REM7 sleep stages during the night, and also supports daytime nap identification to record more complete sleep information.

REM sleep stage
The sleep stage related to dreaming.

Nap tracking
A nap over 20 minutes can be recorded.

Sleep quality monitoring
A sleep quality evaluation system assesses your sleep and awards a score.

Sleep recommendations
Get recommendations on how to improve your sleep quality and habits.

Female Cycle Tracking.
Plan Ahead.

After recording your menstrual period, the Amazfit GTS 2 mini can intelligently and intimately predict the time and length of the following menstrual and fertile periods, giving women peace of mind. Understand your cycle to avoid surprises.

PAI™ Health Assessment System8.
One Score to Understand Your Physical State.

A PAI™ score is calculated by processing data about your heart rate and other complex health information with an algorithm. This single-value score provides a customized health evaluation for each user based on their unique health data, offering everyone a personalized experience. The PAI™ health assessment system supports the vast majority of exercise types regardless of time and place.

Monitor Your Stress Levels.
Get Calming Tips when Overwhelmed.

Stress is an underlying cause of many health problems. With the GTS 2 mini, you can check to see where your personal stress level lies - from relaxed, normal, medium or high - anytime you feel pressured or stressed throughout the day, and get some suggestions on how to reduce it.

70+ Built-in Sports Modes.
Real-time Tracking and Analysis.

The Amazfit GTS 2 mini features over 70 built-in sports modes, allowing it to cover sports enthusiasts whether indoors or outdoors. For a more complete experience, the watch can control the music on your phone, provide notifications about exercise stages, conditions and heart rate zones9, and generate a sport data report in the App after finishing your workout.

Sport data report
View your sport data report after engaging in sports.

Real-time sports
Monitor your heart rate and physical status in real-time.

Music control
Control your music from your phone while working out.

Sport notification
Be notified about your stages, conditions, and heart rate zones while doing sports.

14-day Battery Life10.
More Peace of Mind.
A fully-optimized battery management system provides up to 14 days of battery life for the Amazfit GTS 2 mini. Get rid of the anxiety brought on by constant charging, and keep the energy flowing. The 220 mAh battery is ready to power you through up to two weeks of activity.

7 Days Heavy Usage
Heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring enabled (monitoring 1 minute at a time), all-day stress monitoring, sleep quality monitoring and assisted sleep monitoring enabled, "Lift-to-wake" 200 times a day, 50 notifications and two blood-oxygen measurements every day, and 90 minutes of outdoor workouts per week.

14 Days Typical Usage
Heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring enabled (monitoring 10 minutes at a time without assisted sleep monitoring), 90 minutes of outdoor workouts per week, “Lift-to-wake” 200 times a day, 50 notifications and two blood-oxygen measurements every day.

21 Days Basic Usage
Turn off Bluetooth connection, turn off all-day heart rate, "Lift-to-wake" 200 times per day.

More Features of the Amazfit GTS 2 mini.
Mini on the Outside, Maximum Power on the Inside.

Despite being miniature, the watch is powered up to the maximum.
Experience features beyond the limits of size.

Pomodoro clock
Improve time management, and work and study efficiency.

Breathing exercises
Take a rest with your Amazfit GTS 2 mini.
Learn to relax.

Bluetooth camera
Remotely control the mobile phone to take photos and turn on Selfie mode.

5 ATM Water-resistant
On par with traditional high-end watches and can be worn worry-free for daily use or when

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