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BenQ 32" Designer PD3220U, 4K UHD, IPS - skärm

Tillverkare: BENQ
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Finns att beställas, beräknad leveranstid efter 04.06.2024 Öppet idag: 10:00 - 18:00 Information om butiken
Finns att beställas, beräknad leveranstid efter 04.06.2024 Öppet idag: 10:00 - 17:00 Information om butiken
Finns att beställas, beräknad leveranstid efter 04.06.2024 Öppet idag: 10:00 - 18:00 Information om butiken
Finns att beställas, beräknad leveranstid efter 04.06.2024 Öppet idag: 10:00 - 17:00 Information om butiken
Finns att beställas, beräknad leveranstid efter 04.06.2024 Öppet idag: 10:00 - 18:00 Information om butiken
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Bildpunktavstånd0,18159 x 0,18159 mm
Kontrastförhållande (medel)1300:1
Betraktningsvinkel (horisontell)178°
Synfältsvinkel (vertikal)178°
Bildstorlek horisontalt69,7 cm
Bildstorlek vertikalt39,2 cm
Skärm diagonal80 cm (31.5")
Svarstid (medel)5 ms
Färgdjup10 bit
Upplösning4K 3840 x 2160 pixels
Grafikupplösningar som stöds3840 x 2160
Kontrastförhållande (dynamisk)20000000:1
Max uppdateringsfrekvens60 hz
Native bildförhållande16:9
HD-typ4K Ultra HD
Pixeltäthet140 ppi
Antal färger1,073 miljarder färger
Ljusstyrka (normal)350 cd/m²
HDR-teknik (High Dynamic Range)High Dynamic Range 10 (HDR10)
Antal HDMI-portar2
Antal Displayportar1
Inbyggd USB-hubbcheckmark
USB-hubbversion3.2 Gen 1 (3.1 Gen 1)
Antal portar uppströms1
Antal USB typ A-portar nedströms3
Antal USB typ C-portar nedströms1
Vikt & dimension
Bredd (med stativ)714,8 mm
Höjd (med stativ)477,6 mm
Djup (med stativ)185,8 mm
Höjd (max.)62,8 cm
Vikt (utan stativ)7,9 kg
Höjd (utan stativ)412,2 mm
Bredd (utan stativ)714,8 mm
Djup (utan stativ)86,6 mm
Vikt (med stativ)10,4 kg
Strömförbrukning (vanlig)45,5 W
Strömförbrukning i avslaget läge0,3 W
Strömförbrukning i vänteläge0,5 W
AC-inspänning100 - 240 V
EnergieffektivitetsskalningA till G
Energieffektivitetsklass (SDR)G
Energieffektivitetsklass (HDR)G
Energiförbrukning (SDR) per 1 000 timmar46 kWh
Energiförbrukning (HDR) per 1 000 timmar42 kWh
Vikt inkl. förpackning13,3 kg
Höjdjustering15 cm
Hållare-30 - 30°
Lutningsvinkel-5 - 20°
Skärmgränssnitt (OSD)checkmark
Gränsssnitt för panelmontering100 x 100 mm
OSD-språkArabiska, Förenklad kinesiska, Traditionell kinesiska, Tjeckiska, Tyska, Nederländska, Engelska, Spanska, Franska, Ungerska, Italienska, Japanska, Koreanska, Polska, Portugisiska, Rumänska, Ryska, Svenska
Antal OSD språk18
Pivot vinkel0 - 90°
Övriga egenskaper
Inbyggd TV mottagarecross
På / av-knappcheckmark
Picture-by-Picture (PbP)checkmark
Efterlever industristandardTCO 7.0
Produktens färgSvart
Positionering på marknadenGrafisk formgivning
Fötter färgGrå
AMD FreeSynccross
Låg blåljus-teknikcheckmark
Uteffekt (RMS)4 W
Inbyggda högtalarecheckmark
Inbyggd kameracross
Antal talare2
Harmonized System (HS)-kod85285210
HållbarhetscertifieringEPEAT Silver, ENERGY STAR
Source: Icecat.biz

Make Inspirations come alive.
Improved Design Experience through Superb Color Accuracy

Improved Accuracy and Productivity Tailored for the Sophisticated Tastes
Created with such demand in mind, BenQ’s PD3220U comes with an aesthetically elegant look that prioritizes flexibility and designers’ love for sophistication. To satisfy designers’ needs for impeccable color performances while enhancing the overall productivity for them, PD3220U comes with an upgraded color gamut that’s compatible with DCI-P3 and Display P3 while offering Thunderbolt 3 connectivity for a more efficient image and data transmission experience.

Premium Concepts Reflected through the Impeccable Color Performance
Designers rely on professional display monitors to take a laser-sharp look at colors, the most basic element of every product. By guaranteeing that all colors are impeccably accurate, designers can rest assured that customers will feel that the products they buy are worth every penny they’ve spent.

Devoted to meet the latest professional color standard, BenQ has developed AQCOLOR technology to uphold the concept: “Accurate Reproduction". BenQ has invited a color expert to lead the team, and also joined ICC (International Color Consortium) and ISO (International Standard Organization) to establish color-related standards and implementation.

Flawless Color Reproduction through the Upgraded Color Gamut
Display P3, P3 and sRGB

PD3220U is equipped with the latest color standards, Display P3 and DCI-P3, to guarantee a consistent color application among all designers. As more apps, devices and websites adopt the color space of DCI-P3, PD3220U also comes with a full compatibility with this new color standard, allowing design professionals to effortlessly load and display images imported from different sources. Additionally, the monitor covers 95% of DCI-P3, as well as 100% of sRGB and Rec. 709 color spaces, utilizing the advanced IPS wide viewing angle technology to minimize color shift to inspire absolute design confidence.

The Industry-Leading Color Calibration for Top-Notch Color Accuracy
Out-of-The-Box Color Calibrationa

BenQ’s PD3220U monitor offers the out-of-the-box color accuracy that guarantees users can enjoy the most trustworthy color performance.

enQ releases a new feature to help designers effortlessly complete the steps of matching the ICC profiles between monitors and computers. Controllable through the software Display Pilot or the monitor itself, ICCsync allows designers to customize the color mapping process, and facilitates an instant color mode adjustment that emphasizes productivity.

HDR10 Support
BenQ’s DesignVue PD3220U is equipped with HDR10 technology to let designers preview video content’s HDR effect during the editing process, ensuring desirable outcomes for their final works.

Specialized Display Modes Tailored to All Designers
One fascinating aspect of the design industry is the depth and varieties it possesses. In order to fully showcase the dynamic nature of the field, designers require tools that can help bring out the highest potential of their works. BenQ’s PD3220U monitor possesses the most suitable display modes to assist designers produce works of the highest quality

Darkroom Mode
Adjusting image brightness and contrast for superb clarity and sharp details, Darkroom mode creates the optimal setting for work in darkened post-processing environments.

Animation Mode
Often problematic for designers working with intricate details in dark images, Animation mode enhances the brightness of dark areas without overexposing bright regions. Animation mode provides 10 levels of display brightness to bring out every subtlety clearly in any ambient lighting.

Offering superior contrast for lines and shapes in technical illustrations, CAD/CAM mode accentuates the finest details to produce incredible display performances in Pro/E, SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, CATIA, or other design software. *Calibration eliminates slight color performance variations between individual panels of the same model. Therefore, the calibration data of each report will vary slightly from reports from other displays of the same model. *How to set up CAD/CAM mode

A Simple and Efficient Creative Process Made Possible
The common scene in a design studio is a workstation littered by multiple cords, used papers and all kinds of tools, making it impossible for most designers to remain productive while searching for inspiration. But it doesn’t have to be like this. With a cable and several other thoughtful features, designers can now enjoy a whole new level of efficiency and productivity while trying to turn their creative ideas into realities.

An Upgraded Design Experience with an Added Level of Efficiency Thunderbolt ™ 3
PD3220U is integrated with Thunderbolt™ 3 connectivity through the 2 USB-C ports, allowing designers to get daisy-chained up to two 4K monitors and enjoy a higher speed for data transmission. It tremendously boosts the productivity at every stage of workflow. By facilitating daisy-chaining through Thunderbolt3, PD3220U lets designers to extend screens while ensuring the video, audio and data of the content are all properly extended, further enhancing the efficiency at work.

Improve your workflow and enhance productivity by switching on DualView to showcase designs in two modes (e.g. sRGB and CAD/CAM) side-by-side without the need for two screens. *How to set up DualView mode

Effortless Control for a Productive Design Process
Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) Switch

The newly upgraded KVM Switch function allows users to control one set of keyboard and mouse between two different computers that use one or two screens, ensuring users can seamlessly switch between different computers to execute complicated design tasks while further boosting efficiencies at work. Designers can also enjoy the added level of efficiency that comes with KVM by activating the feature through PD3220U’s embedded software, Display Pilot. With a few simple steps in Display Pilot, designers can instantly benefit from the elevated level of convenience that PD3220U offers. *How to use the KVM switch function to enhance work efficiency

Hotkey Puck G2
PD3220U is empowered by the newly designed hotkey puck G2 which allows designers to customize shortcuts to their preferred features through the upgraded OSD. The hotkey puck G2 leaves 3 single function keys as well as a rotation key to let users designate them to features that they require the most at work. Additionally, designers can adjust the brightness, contrast and volume of the monitor based on their preferences through the dial on the hotkey puck. To return to the previous level of the settings, designers can simply press the return key to instantly go back to the previous level.

Caring for Your Eyes
Eyes play a key role in our everyday lives, and for designers, their eyes are the gateway between their creative ideas and final products. To significantly enhance the level of viewing comfort for all designers, BenQ’s PD3220U monitor relies on a few groundbreaking technologies to safeguard designers’ visions.

Low Blue Light Technology
Unique BenQ Low Blue Light Technology is designed to filter out harmful blue light, effectively diminishing eye fatigue and irritation.

Flicker-free eliminates flickering at all brightness levels and reduces eye fatigue effectively. Conventional LCD screens flicker at the rate of 250 times per second. Your eyes may not see the flickers but they can certainly feel them. So relieve your eyes from the uncomfortable flickering effect by switching to a BenQ flicker-free monitor.

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