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Trade-in promo

Return on investment.

Trade-in your Apple device and get an extra discount on discounted MacBook.

Here's how the refund works:

Bring your device

You can Trade-in Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Apple TV in any of our iTronic stores.

Get an estimate

We will check your device and give you the offer for your it. The device should be in working condition and have all the accessories.

Use your credit

You can use your credit immediately to purchase a new device or accessory. You can pay the difference in cash or credit card.

Refund conditions for used devices

We offer a refund for the customers' used devices when purchasing a new device. The used device can be a Mac computer, iPhone, iPad, monitor, Apple Watch or Apple TV. A used computer cannot be older than 6 years. For mobile devices, the maximum age is about 4 years. We calculate the refund in our stores based on the model, age and condition of the device, as well as the peripherals. The refund must be used in its entirety for purchasing a new device and cannot be exchanged for money. The customer must be over 18 years old and the legal owner of the device. If the device is less than six months old, customer must present proof of purchase.

Check maximum trade-in value for your device

Inspection in stores

The used devices are inspected in our stores by our store personnel. A cursory evaluation and device diagnostics are included in the inspection. Based on the evaluation, a rebate sum is determined and can be used for purchasing a new device. However, the rebate sum can still change later, when the device is inspected by an official Apple service. If the rebate sum changes, the customer will be refunded or charged later.

Final inspection

The used device is inspected by an Apple Authorised Service Provider. All data on your device is safely deleted. If there are any faults in the device not mentioned by the customer or other errors that materially affect the value of the device, the customer is liable for the reduction in value. In this case, iTronic charges the customer in accordance with these terms. Any possible changes in the refunded amount will be announced within 14 days of the transaction.

Vaihdettavan laitteen hintaan alentavasti vaikuttavat mm. seuraavat seikat

  • Akun maksimikapasiteetti on alle 80% alkuperäisestä
  • Tuotteen kuorissa on murtumia tai lommoja
  • Laitteessa on kolmannen osapuolen osia
  • Laitteen mukana ei ole alkuperäistä pakkausta
  • Laitteen mukana ei ole alkuperäistä virtalähdettä tai johtoja
  • Laitteen virtalähde on vaurioitunut
  • Kaapeleiden suojavaipat ovat vaurioituneet
  • Muu kuin pohjoismainen pistoke virtalähteessä
  • Muu kuin suomalainen näppäimistö tietokoneessa
  • Laitteen näytössä olevat naarmut ja halkeamat
  • Muut tarkastuksessa ilmenneet vauriot tai puutokset