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Product Warranty

Please follow the instructions below for warranty service:

  1. Check if the manufacturer handles the warranty service themselves. It is always easier and faster if it is possible to be in direct contact with the manufacturer. Check here to see if you can be in contact with the manufacturer, or call our customer service.
  2. If you cannot be in direct contact with the manufacturer, please choose one of the following options.
  3. Fill in a form. Please note that if you are logged in to your customer account, all contact and order details are available.
  4. Send an e-mail to service@multitronic.fi – give your name, address, product, product serial number, and a description of the problem.
  5. Contact one of our stores. Multitronic and iTronic stores accept all products purchased from Multitronic or iTronic stores. 
  6. Contact Multitronic’s customer service in Vaasa:
    • +358 (0)6 319 77 41 (Finnish)
    • +358 (0)6 319 77 42 (Swedish)
    • +358 (0)6 319 77 43 (English)

Please note that the warranty does not apply to damages caused by the following::

  • Negligence
  • Static electricity
  • Thunder Storms
  • Virus
  • Physical damages
  • Erroneous usage or installation
  • Moisture
  • Overclocking
  • Loss of electric power supply
  • Installation of software, bios updates, or firmware updates
  • Accidents
  • Modification of products

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