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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 11" 128GB LTE Android - tablet, Mystic Bronze

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Warranty2 years

Advanced technology provides higher quality entertainment

The Galaxy Tab S7 screen has a 120 Hz refresh rate – that's twice as fast as before. It gives a nice feeling when you scroll through pages, and a more enjoyable video experience as well. And if you like gaming, you will notice a difference. The higher frequency means sharpness and precision that will give you an upper hand in fast-moving games. The image format is also optimised for a superior viewing experience. The height:width ratio is 16:10, which means an image more like a cinema format.

Although the powerful new processor will provide added value for gamers, the speeds measured for various functions are from 20–38% better compared to the Galaxy Tab S6, according to independent sources. The screen area is larger and the frame smaller. 120Hz update means a more beautiful picture and more precise gaming experience, combined with a powerful processor and AKG-optimised sound.

Optimized sound

With Dolby Atmos and AKG-optimised sound, you get a great experience whether you're listening via headphones or the four built-in speakers. If you use the speakers, the sound also comes with you when you turn your tablet so you always get the proper stereo reproduction.

The intuitive pen

The S Pen has been improved, and its delay is down to only 26 milliseconds. It is an intuitive and effective tool for creating and notating, with the feel of a regular pen. Along with the Samsung Note app, you also get support for organising notes and editing PDF files.

The tasteful design makes the pen comfortable to hold and it is magnetic, so it clicks onto the Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+ or the case, so it is always with you. The S Pen also has Bluetooth, so it can act as a clicker and pointer when you make presentations or to take pictures remotely.

Integration with popular apps

Samsung works closely with popular apps, such as YouTube, Spotify and Netflix. That means you'll find that you can easily find your favourite content faster in Galaxy Tab S7 or S7+.


Galaxy Tab S7 is available in Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze. There is also a collection of tasteful and practical specially-designed accessories for the Tab S7.

Power for gaming - Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass gives you access to over a hundred games. Your tablet is your game console, wherever you are. You can also connect an external hand control for a true gaming experience.