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Kuvapikselitiheys0,1595 x 0,4785 mm
Kontrastisuhde (tyypillinen)4000:1
Skannausalue (vaaka)30 - 81 kHz
Katselukulma, vaakasuora178°
Katselukulma, pystysuora178°
Skannausalue (pysty)48 - 75 Hz
Näytön halkaisija (tuuma)2,67 m (105")
Näytön kirkkaus500 cd/m²
Vasteaika (tyypillinen)8 ms
Näytön erottelutarkkuus5120 x 2160 pikseliä
Kontrastisuhde (dynaaminen)50000:1
LED taustavalon tyyppiDirect-LED
Näytön tyyppiLED
HD-tyyppi5K Ultra HD
Aktiivinen näyttöalue (LxK)2449,92 x 1033,56 mm
Näyttövärejä16,78 miljoonaa väriä
Nimellisteho RMS30 W
Sisäiset kaiuttimetcheckmark
Kaiuttimien määrä2
LAN (kiinteä)cross
DVI-D -portteja1
Ääni sisään (V,O)1
Ääni ulos (V,O)1
HDMI -portteja3
VGA (D-Sub) sisään1
Paino ja mitat
Paino108,8 kg
Tuotteen korkeus1073,2 mm
Tuotteen leveys2489,7 mm
Tuotteen syvyys105,1 mm
Virrankulutus740 W
Virrankulutus (pois päältä)0,5 W
Virrankulutus (lepotila)0,5 W
AC-syöttöjännite100 - 240
Suhteellinen kosteusalue10 - 80%
Käyttölämpötila0 - 40 °C
Paino pakattuna157,7 kg
Sisältää johdotAC, DisplayPort
Pakkauksen syvyys800 mm
Pakkauksen korkeus1360 mm
Pakkauksen leveys2700 mm
Sisältää paristotcheckmark
Tuotteen väriMusta
VESA-asennusliitännät1600 x 600
MuotoiluDigital signage flat panel
Takuu1 vuosi
Source: Icecat.biz

Display content with ultra-realistic detail in vibrant colors
105" QMD Series SMART Signage delivers more than four times the FHD resolution on the same screen area ensuring the most accurate recreation of details and super-crisp text due to its 5,120 x 2,160 resolution and high pixel density. In addition, you gain superlative picture quality and lively, dynamic content along with efficient use of existing FHD content while enjoying UHD picture quality. This is a result of a state-of-art UHD Dimming feature for picture enhancement and Samsung’s UHD upscaling technology that adjusts lower resolution content to display on UHD resolution screens. Plus, the QM105D supports DisplayPort® (DP) 1,2 connectivity, which is capable of streaming UHD video at a refresh rate of 60 Hz for seamless video playback without choppiness.

Deliver a unique viewing experience on an immersive large screen with a 21 : 9 ratio
QM105D SMART Signage boasts an expansive screen that allows for added flexibility in displaying various ratios including use of a marginal 5 : 9 display area next to a 16 : 9 screen to more effectively present desired business messaging from promotions to general information. QM105D's newly expanded 105 inch screen has been designed with a notable ratio of 21 : 9 to deliver an improved immersive experience compared to traditional 16 : 9 screen ratios. With a distinctive screen size among commercial signage, this cinematic 21 : 9 ratio is designed to seize and engage audiences. The unique large-format screen brings a "Wow-effect" to any space whether in an office or luxury retail shop enhancing both the brand image and the environment.

Enhance efficiency by displaying content from four FHD screens on a single UHD display
With a 5K resolution of 5,120 x 2,160, QM105D SMART Signage enables delivery of more information using a smaller number of units. By displaying varying ratios of content on a single UHD screen, a wider variety of content can be delivered. You can display content from a maximum of four separate input devices on the same screen without the need to first merge the content on a separate PC for simplified content management and without special third-party components.
Up to 22 Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Picture-by-Picture (PBP) scenarios can be composed for more dynamic and efficient display usage, such as displaying conference videos along with reference documents from a different device on different parts of the screen. Furthermore, retailers can display a large product image next to a specifications list on the same screen. The use of a single screen and access to multiple input sources including: three Display Ports, three HDMI ports, DVI ports and one D-sub port for added flexibility enhances installation efficiency.

Increase usability with flexible configurations and 16 / 7 operation
The QM105D SMART Signage has been engineered to meet the demands of traditional commercial environments with 16 / 7 reliability and flexible features for enhanced viewing. Features include the pivot mode, which enables you to install the displays in a landscape or portrait orientation to suit your environment while still delivering the impactful qualities of digital signage. And the sleek, modern design of the displays fits into virtually any business environment, enhancing the ambiance. Due to its distinctive screen size, QM105D SMART Signage offers its own specific Wall Mount as a bundle that allows for both landscape and portrait-oriented installation.

Create a streamlined display area with Samsung's detachable SBB option
Because UHD is relatively new to the commercial market, few media players currently support UHD streaming. The small-sized SBB is designed to attach to the back of the QM105D SMART Signage, simplifying installation and eliminating unnecessary wire clutter and the need for a separate media player housing. This high-performance SBB features an embedded Haswell 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 CPU with a 4 GB DDR3 memory and comes with Samsung MagicInfo® software for easy content management.

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