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TECH21 Impact Shield with Self Heal for iPhone 7

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Verkkokauppa: 1 kpl saatavilla Arvioitu toimitusaika: 1-4 päivää
Saatavuus 1 / Toimitus
Hinnan muutokset
Tekniset tiedot
YhteensopivuusiPhone 7
Paino ja mitat
Paino3 g
Pakkauksen sisältö
Lukumäärä per pakkaus1 kpl
Tuotteen väriLäpinäkyvä
Helppo käyttäächeckmark
Ilmakuplaton asennuscheckmark
MalliKirkas näytönsuoja
YhteensopivuusiPhone 7
Laitteen tyyppiMatkapuhelin/älypuhelin
Suurin näytön koko11,9 cm (4.7")
Tuotemerkin yhteensopivuusApple
Takuu1 vuosi

Advanced protection. Enduring clarity.
Our smartphone experience depends on the condition of our screen. Accidental drops and scuffs can quickly ruin our view, hiding our favourite content behind a criss-cross of unsightly cracks and scratches. You can trust the Impact Shield Self Heal to keep your screen as beautiful as it was on day one.

Advanced impact protection.
To offer advanced protection in a screen shield that's ultra-thin and completely clear required new thinking and new, more advanced materials. What made this level of protection possible was BulletShield™, used in bulletproof glass, coupled with an intelligent multi-layer structure. The result, a screen protector that's highly efficient at absorbing impact force, keeping your screen well protected throughout it's lifetime.

Durable, self-healing clarity.
We want you to love using your smartphone. So, we designed Impact Shield Self Heal with a reflowing polymer surface layer that smooths over day-to-day scratches, leaving your screen smooth and crystal clear.

Easy application.
Protecting your phone should be easy and hassle free. We designed Impact Shield Self Heal with a semi-liquid polymer base layer which self-adheres to your screen, delivering a one-touch bubble free application. For full protection, Impact Shield works with most tech21 cases (sold separately).

Protected. For life.
Premium materials, precision manufacturing. Quality assurance. We have ultimate confidence in the performance of the Impact Shield Self Heal, but if your screen shield does develop a fault during normal use we'll replace it for free. And that's a lifetime promise. Conditions apply.