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NIKON D5600 + AF-P 18-55MM VR + AF-P 70-300MM VR

Tuote on poistunut valikoimasta tai sitä ei ole saatavilla. Olkaa hyvä ja ottakaa yhteyttä asiakaspalveluumme koskien tätä tuotetta.
Tekniset tiedot
Yhteensopivat muistikortitSD,SDHC,SDXC
Näytön halkaisija (tuuma)8,13 cm (3.2")
Ruudun halkaisija (cm)8,1 cm
Näytön tarkkuus1036800 pikseliä
Kääntyvä näyttöcheckmark
Kiinteä mikrofonicheckmark
Tuetut ääniformaatitLPCM
Objektin kiinnitysNikon F
Paino ja mitat
Paino415 g
Tuotteen korkeus97 mm
Tuotteen leveys124 mm
Tuotteen syvyys70 mm
Paino akun kanssa465 g
Valotusajan korjaus± 5EV (1/2EV; 1/3EV step)
Valotuksen ohjausAE-ohjelma
ISO-herkkyys100, 25600, Auto
ValoitustilatValotusaukon vaihe AE, Auto, Ohje
Valon mittausKeskipainotettu, Matriisi, Pilkku
Automaattinen valoituksen lukitus (AE)checkmark
ISO-herkkyys (min.)100
ISO-herkkyys (maks.)25600
Megapikseli24,2 MP
Anturin tyyppiCMOS
Still-kuvien resoluutio (t)6000 x 4000, 4496 x 3000, 2992 x 2000
Kuvasensorin koko (leveys x korkeus)23,5 x 15,6 mm
Kuvan enimmäistarkkuus6000 x 4000 pikseliä
Megapikseleitä yhteensä24,78 MP
KameratyyppiYksisilmäinen peiliheijastuskamera pakki
Sensorin formaattiDX
Suhteellinen kosteusalue0 - 85%
Käyttölämpötila0 - 40 °C
Käyttölämpötila (T-T)32 - 104 ° F
Wi-Fi -standarditIEEE 802.11b,IEEE 802.11g
Lähialueen kommunikointi (NFC)checkmark
Liikkuvan JPEG-kuvan kuvataajuus60 fps
Tuetut videomuodotH.264,MOV,MPEG4
Videon enimmäis resoluutio1920 x 1080 pikseliä
Videon erottelutarkkuudet1280 x 720,1920 x 1080 pikseliä
Videon tallennuscheckmark
HD-tyyppiFull HD
Tarkennuksen säätöAuto/Manual
Automaattitarkennus (AF)Continuous Auto Focus, Automaattinen kontrastitarkennus, Servotarkennus
Automaattinen tarkennus (AF)39
Salamaohjainten määrä12 m
SalamamooditTäyttää, Punasilmäisyyden vähennys, Hidas synkronointi
Salaman synkronointi-nopeus1/200
Salaman valoituksen kompensointicheckmark
Salaman altistuksen korjaus-3EV - +1EV (1/2; 1/3 EV step)
Etsimen malliOptinen
ValkotasapainoAuto, Pilvinen, Flash, Fluoresentti, Hehkuva, Ohje, Sävy
Itselaukaisin2,5,10,20 s
KuvaustilatValotusaukko etusijalla, Auto, suljin etusijalla
Jalka-asennuksen tukicheckmark
Kielten tukiMulti
KuvatehosteetMusta ja valkoinen, Neutraali, Elävä
MaisematilatRanta, Lapset, Lähikuva (makro), Maisemakuva, Yö, Yö muotokuva, Juhla (sisällä), PET, Muotokuva, Lumi, Urheilu, Auringonlasku
Diopter oikaisu (D-D)-1,7 - 0,5
Kameran tiedostojärjestelmäDCF 2.0,Exif 2.3
Pakkauksen sisältö
Virtalähde mukanacheckmark
Sisältää akkulaturincheckmark
AkkuteknologiaLitium-Ioni (Li-Ion)
Pariston malliEN-EL14a
Tuettu paristojen lukumäärä1
Virtalähteen malliAkku
Kameran suljintyyppiElektroniikka
Nopein kamerasuljinnopeus1/4000 s
Hitain kamerasuljinnopeus30 s
Tuotteen väriMusta
Takuu1 vuosi
Source: Icecat.biz

Fire up your creative spirit with the constantly-connected D5600.

The unexpected moment of beauty. The staged time-lapse movie that came off perfectly. Whether it’s shadow play when the sun’s high, or movies shot from intriguing angles, very little beats the thrill of creating something others appreciate.

Equipped with Nikon’s powerful image technology, the D5600 is where the magic happens. This is a camera that gives power to your ideas. The range of legendary NIKKOR lenses at your disposal means you’ll never run out of creative options. And Nikon’s SnapBridge lets you sync photos to your smart device as you shoot, or easily transfer movies whenever you want.

When you’re the kind of photographer who sees what others miss, image quality is everything. Equipped with a large 24.2 megapixel DX-format image sensor, the D5600 is capable of sharply capturing fine textures and rendering images with superbly crisp detail. Your friends and followers will see exactly what you intended—shot after shot. An ISO range of 100-25600, and an expanded ISO sensitivity of 6400 in Night Landscape mode, ensures low-light scenes and difficult lighting situations are handled with ease. The EXPEED 4 image-processing engine boasts superior noise-reduction performance even at high ISOs. And with a wide range of interchangeable NIKKOR lenses at your disposal, images with stunning background blur and richly-toned contrasts are yours for the taking.

Connect and inspire as you share your DSLR-quality images in seconds. Nikon’s game-changing SnapBridge utilises Bluetooth® low energy technology¹ to open a constant connection between your D5600 and a compatible smart device. Connecting the camera to your smart device is simple. Once it’s done, the camera can sync photos to your device as you shoot, without you having to reconnect each time. Every shot you take appears instantly on your phone or tablet, ready for sharing. And you can transfer movies manually whenever you want. SnapBridge connectivity even lets you use your smart device to shoot remotely. However you use SnapBridge, you can continue to use your smart device without interruption, and you don’t need to worry about draining your camera’s battery. Your perspective is unique: SnapBridge lets you share it right there in the moment.

The exceptionally portable D5600’s faultless ergonomics make it easy to immerse yourself in the experience of photography. Create eye-catching compositions thanks to the high-quality optical viewfinder, which delivers an incredibly clear view through the lens—when you want to focus on your subject, shooting through the viewfinder lets you block out sunlight and distractions. You can also maintain a more stable hold on the camera when using a telephoto lens. The well-placed command dial and multi-selector make it easy to change settings as you shoot. And you can even use the touch Fn function to adjust settings via the large touchscreen without taking your eye away from the viewfinder. With a body that weighs just 415 g (approximately)², and a monocoque carbon-reinforced shell, this camera is lightweight and tough enough to take anywhere. From your latest travel odyssey to busy urban streets, once you curve your fingers around this camera’s deep grip and start shooting you won’t want to put it down.

Now you can shoot with a DSLR that sees the world like you do—even when you see it from a completely different angle. Simply flip, tilt, or rotate the large 8.1 cm (3.2 in) vari-angle touchscreen to compose perfect shots: you’ll get a clear view whether the camera is up high, down low, or extended away from your body. You tap the touchscreen to focus and shoot, just like a smartphone. And you can use touch controls during viewfinder shooting or image playback. During viewfinder shooting, the touch Fn function offers an intuitive alternative to using the command dial or multi-selector: now you can select the focus point or adjust other important settings, like Aperture, Auto Sensitivity and more, via the large touchscreen. During image playback, a frame advance bar inherited from Nikon’s professional D5 and D500 cameras lets you quickly scroll through images. And you can pinch to zoom in and quickly trim an image.

When you notice everything, you want a camera that misses nothing. Whether you’re in the midst of the action or shooting from a distance, the D5600’s razor-sharp AF system will lock onto your subject and keep it in focus. The AF system’s 39 focus points cover a wide area of the frame, and nine highly accurate cross-type sensors in the central area deliver enhanced accuracy. When you shoot in Live View, the camera’s contrast-detect AF keeps you right on target. And when that perfect opportunist shot appears out of nowhere, this camera can shoot at a swift five frames per second to nail the moment with perfect precision.

Record smooth, finely detailed Full HD video clips you’ll be proud to share. D-Movie enables recording at frame rates of up to 50p/60p. Continuous Live View autofocus (Full-time-servo AF mode) keeps your subjects sharp even when the action is fast. And if you shoot with an AF-P NIKKOR kit lens, footage will be practically free of drive noise thanks to the lens’ built-in stepping motor. Time-Lapse Movie, inherited from Nikon’s advanced DSLRs, transforms scenes of slow-moving clouds, or a crowded street, into dramatic high-speed sequences. And movies shot with the D5600 are easy to share via the camera’s SnapBridge connection.

Maximize the impact of your photos and movies with a range of in-camera creative tools. Easily make every image express more with a range of special effects: you can preview your chosen effect in Live View, and adjust its intensity before you shoot. For even greater control over the look and feel of your images, shoot using Picture Controls to fine-tune settings like contrast and saturation. The Flat Picture Control makes it easier to perfect your movies in post-production. And you can even create and save a custom Picture Control for a characteristic that's all your own. A range of effects in the retouch menu lets you quickly heighten the atmosphere or change the mood of your photos in-camera. And SnapBridge connectivity means you can take advantage of your smartphone or tablet to continue the creative process using your favourite apps.

The D5600 is compatible with the full range of DX-format NIKKOR lenses. No matter how your photographer’s eye sees the world, there’s a NIKKOR lens that shares your vision. Use a fast prime lens for beautiful background blur, a telephoto lens for distant subjects, or a wide-angle lens for dramatic composition. You can also shoot with a large selection of FX-format lenses.

The D5600 is part of Nikon’s endlessly-expandable DSLR system, which can support every photographic idea you have. When you want to explore the creative potential of light, Nikon’s acclaimed Speedlights make it easy. These portable flash units let you diffuse or soften light, add impact to daylight images, enhance twilight shots, or expose subject detail in backlit situations. For maximum portability, use the compact SB-500 Speedlight, which boasts an onboard high-intensity LED that’s ideal for close-up still images, or movie recording. When you want to achieve high-quality sound recordings, use the optional ME-1 Stereo Microphone. No matter where you want your photography to go, Nikon has the tools to get you there.

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