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Osmo Starter Kit for iPad
80,90 €
sis. 24% ALV
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Arvioitu toimitusaika1-4 päivää
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Osmo Starter Kit for iPad - Unique and instructive game with physical parts, for children from 6 years and up.

- Unique interactive educational game - discover and explore, and justified by the score and sound.

- Increases skills in collaboration and teamwork.

- Great teaching tool.

NOTE! All games now have menus and instructions in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish! Only Words game requires (and teach) English language skills.

Osmo consists of four games (downloaded as apps from the App Store) for entertainment that lasts for hours. Mighty easy installation: install an app, place an iPad in the stand and mount the supplied reflector on the iPad - ready to use!

The unique gaming accessory from Osmo iPad promotes social intelligence and creative thinking by opening up infinite possibilities of physical gaming with iPad. Perfect to play alone, but even better together with friends or family. Recommended age 6+.

Masterpiece - Improve your ritfärdigheter

Masterpiece use Osmo to make your iPad into a drawing. With Masterpiece reproduced exact proportions and perspective drawing. Only your imagination sets the limit for what you can draw!

Words - Fun with Words in puzzle shape

Will be the first to guess the hidden words on the screen by pulling down the letters faster than your friends. Related images give clues about the words.

Tangram - Really Tangram puzzles with full digital experience

Arrange and piece together the puzzle pieces on the screen so that they form figures. Play with yourself or a friend or challenge yourself with more advanced levels while your skill increases with each win.

Newton - Physics meets creative problem solving

Use your creativity and invent things like a hand painted basket, granny glasses, dad's keys, or whatever in your environment to direct the falling balls on the screen to finish.

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