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XTORM Power Bank 41.600mAh 2xAC 230V/USB-C/USB

XTORM Power Bank 41.600mAh 2xAC 230V/USB-C/USB

Valmistaja: XTORM
ID: AL490
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Verkkokauppa: Arvioitu toimitus: 18.03 - 20.03
Hinnan muutokset
USB A -ulostuloportit2
USB Type-C liitincheckmark
Paino ja mitat
Paino1,4 kg
Tuotteen korkeus52 mm
Tuotteen leveys222 mm
Tuotteen syvyys160 mm
AkkuteknologiaLitiumioni (Li-Ion)
Akun kapasiteetti41600 mAh
Tulojännite24 V
Ulostulojännite5 V
Syöttöjännite2 A
Portti 1 lähtövirta3,4 A
Portti 2 lähtövirta3,1 A
Pakkauksen sisältö
Sisältää johdotAC
Tuotteen väriMusta
Laturin yhteensopivuusUniversaali
Samanaikaisesti liitettyjen laitteiden suurin määrä4
Takuu2 vuotta
Source: Icecat.biz

The AC Power Bank Pro is an ideal solution that allows you to charge your electric devices anytime, anywhere. Thanks to its huge capacity of 41,600 mAh, the powerbank is powerful enough to charge such devices as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, PlayStation or television.

Indeed, this universal charger will charge practically any electric device. The powerbank has a total of five outputs. Devices using up to 220 volts can be charged via the two international sockets. Thanks to the high output, mobile devices will charge very quickly via the USB ports. There is a separate USB-C port to charge USB-C devices.

A digital indicator shows precisely how much energy is left. The power flowing through the sockets can be switched on and off to avoid wasting any, thus saving energy. What's more the powerbank has an Auto Power Management Chip, which automatically adapts the charging speed to the devices connected.

The Power Bank Pro itself can be charged from the mains using the AC adapter supplied. The Pro can charge and discharge at the same time. So this AC Power Bank will also serve as a Power Hub if you want to charge several devices at once via a single socket, at home or in the office for example. In addition, the Pro features a smart design with the necessary vents and anti-slip feet on the underside.

This high capacity Power Bank Pro is ideal whenever you're on the go, at work or on holiday. It will keep your favourite devices fully charged at all times!

Features of the Xtorm AC Power Bank Pro

High efficiency
This Xtorm AC Power Bank is highly efficient and ensures the least possible loss of energy during the charging process.

Auto Power Management
Xtorm Power Banks are provided with the APM-chip. The powerbank automatically balances the correct charging speed and efficiently divides the power between the attached devices.

Fast Charging
The AC Power Bank Pro has a high input and high outputs. These features make it possible to charge the connected device as fast as possible and recharge the powerbankitself on high speed.

Xtorm safety check

A-class batteries
Xtorm uses only the best battery cells that meet all safety requirements and can provide the fast charging you need

Overload protection
Xtorm mobile chargers protect the Xtorm’s internal battery and the battery of the attached mobile device from overcharging.

Temperature control
All Xtorm chargers are provided with a temperature control chip that prevents overheating.

Auto Power Management
The Xtorm APM-chip automatically balances the power over the attached devices to prevent overcharging or overheating.

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