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Dell 16GB (2x8GB) UDIMM, DDR4 2666MHZ

175,90 € Näytä ALV 0% Näytä ALV 24%
Verkkokauppa: 25 kpl saatavilla Arvioitu toimitusaika: 1-4 päivää
Saatavuus / Toimitus
Hinnan muutokset
Sisäinen muisti (tyyppi)DDR4
Yhteensopivat tuotteetVostro 3470
OptiPlex 7060 MT
OptiPlex 7060 SFF
OptiPlex 5060 MT
OptiPlex 5060 SFF
OptiPlex 3060 MT
OptiPlex 3060 SFF
Optiplex XE3 MT
Optiplex XE3 SFF
Precision Workstation T3630
Inspiron 3470
Precision Workstation 3430 SFF
Precision Workstation 3430 XL
Precision Workstation T3630 XL
Alienware Aurora R7
Precision Workstation R3930
Precision Workstation R3930 XL
Inspiron 3670
Muistin kellotaajuus2666 MHz
Muistin jännite1.2 V
Muisti288-pin DIMM
Sisäinen muisti16 GB
Muistin sijoitus (moduulit x koko)1 x 16 GB
Takuu1 vuosi
Source: Icecat.biz

Supercharge your Dell™ system with a Dell Memory upgrade engineered, tested and customized for your system. Adding more memory revs your system's engine and allows you to release its full potential when working with 3D imaging, multimedia, and other memory intensive applications.

Dell™ Branded memory offered in the Memory Selector is fully compatible and supported by Dell. Memory offered now may differ in speed from the original system memory but has been qualified to work in the system. When mixed, the memory will perform at the lowest speed populated or the highest speed allowed by the system.