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Fibaro - Smart Implant Z-Wave

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Verkkokauppa: 10 kpl saatavilla Arvioitu toimitusaika: 5-7 päivää
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FIBARO Smart Implant is a small, easy to install Z-Wave device that allows to convert almost any appliance into yet another smart, Z-wave enabled component of your smart home. It’s perfect, cost efficient solution for those who want to add alarm system, analog sensors, thermostatic controllers, gates, blinds or electro domestic appliances such as ovens, washing machines or AV receivers and more to Z-Wave network and control them directly from iOS or Android phone or tablet. FIBARO Smart Implant is also Z-Wave network repeater, working with Home Center 2, Home Center Lite or any other Z-wave certified gateway.

• Wireless, Z-Wave communication,
• Works with FIBARO HC2 and Home Center Lite and other Z-Wave certified gateways
• Expands the range of Z-wave network
• Remotely turns devices on/ off
• Arms/disarms alarm systems directly from your mobile device
• Remote control of furnaces and underfloor heating systems
• Converts analog wind, temperature, moisture sensors into smart, Z-Wave enabled ones

Examples of Smart Implant uses:
1. Plug the Smart Implant into the garage door controller to connect the gate with the FIBARO system, and you can then perform all the actions you need using your KeyFob.
2. Integrate your wired alarm system with the FIBARO home management system thanks to the installation of Smart Implant.
3. Placing the FIBARO Smart Implant in the controller of your furnace and underfloor heating brings a new level of intelligent heating to your home.
4. Smart Implant incorporated into sensors, gives them ability to communicate with the FIBAR