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Netgear Nighthawk RS400, AC2300, Cyber Security Dual-Band -WiFi-reititin

Netgear Nighthawk RS400, AC2300, Cyber Security Dual-Band -WiFi-reititin

Valmistaja: NETGEAR
ID: RS400-100PES
418,90 € Näytä ALV 0% Näytä ALV 24%
Verkkokauppa: 2 kpl Arvioitu toimitus: 06.03 - 09.03
Hinnan muutokset
Tuettu selainInternet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari
USB 2.0 -porttien määrä1
Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) -portit4
USB 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1) A-tyypin porttien määrä1
Paino ja mitat
Paino750 g
Pakkauksen paino1,45 kg
Tuotteen korkeus50 mm
Tuotteen leveys285 mm
Tuotteen syvyys184,5 mm
Pakkauksen syvyys348 mm
Pakkauksen korkeus79 mm
Pakkauksen leveys256 mm
Virtalähteen malliDC
VerkkostandarditIEEE 802.11a,IEEE 802.11ac,IEEE 802.11b,IEEE 802.11g,IEEE 802.11n
VPN-tukiSecure access to your home network away from home
NAT-toimivuusDouble firewall protection (SPI and NAT)
DoS-hyökkäyksen estocheckmark
Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)checkmark
SertifiointiFCC, CE, RoHS
Windows-käyttöjärjestelmätukiWindows 10,Windows 2000,Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows XP
Langattoman lähiverkon ominaisuudet
Wi-Fi-standardit802.11a,802.11b,802.11g,Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n),Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)
Wi-Fi-taajuusKaksitaajuus (2,4 GHz/5 GHz)
WLAN tiedonsiirtonopeus (max)1625 Mbit/s
WLAN tiedonsiirtonopeus (1. kaista)600 Mbit/s
Wi-Fi-standardiWi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)
Ethernet LAN -ominaisuudet
Ethernet LANcheckmark
Ethernet LAN -datanopeudet10,100,1000 Mbit/s
Ethernet LAN käyttöliittymän tyyppiGigabitti Ethernet
Pakkauksen sisältö
Virtalähde mukanacheckmark
Sisältää johdotDC,LAN (RJ-45)
Sisältyvien tuotteiden lukumäärä1 kpl
Muut ominaisuudet
Sisäinen muisti256 MB
Flash-muisti128 MB
Tuotteen väriMusta
Prosessorin taajuus1 MHz
Prosessorin ytimet2
Sisäänrakennettu prosessoricheckmark
Tukkupakkauksen korkeus29,8 cm
Tukkupakkauksen leveys19 cm
Tuotepakkauksen paino3,86 kg
Tuotepakkauksen pituus38 cm
WAN -liitintyyppiRJ-45
Ethernet WANcheckmark
Takuu1 vuosi
Source: Icecat.biz

Complete Protection for All Devices from Internet Threats

Three years of NETGEAR Armor subscription included
Secure every device on your network with Nighthawk AC2300 Cybersecurity Router (RS400). The Nighthawk ybersecurity Router, with built-in NETGEAR Armor™, is the first line of defense against cyber threats such as viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, phishing, and Internet scams. Includes award-winning Bitdefender® Total Security for
unlimited number of Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android® devices to protect you even on public WiFi. Whether you’re using your smartphone, tablet, smart TV or have your WiFi thermostats and security cameras on, rest assured that you’re digitally secured. Use Circle® Smart Parental Controls to set daily online time limits and create a safer online experience for your children. Powerful dual-core 1GHz processor and combined wireless speeds up to 2.3Gbps provide a strong wireless
performance throughout the home.

Complete Protection from Internet Threats
- Advanced Threat Detection—Identifies and blocks viruses, spyware, ransomware, malicious links, and other Internet scams
- Smart Home Vulnerability Scans—Regularly scans all connected devices at home to ensure they are not vulnerable to hackers
- Data Theft Protection—If your mobile device is ever lost or stolen, NETGEAR Armor allows you to locate, lock, and wipe data on your smartphone or computer remotely
- Instant Alerts—Immediate notifications on your smartphone or computer alert you when threats are detected and blocked
- Proven Cyber Security—NETGEAR Armor™ is powered by award-winning cyber security provider Bitdefender

High-Performance WiFi
- Super-fast WiFi speeds - up to 2.3Gbps
- Extreme WiFi coverage with high-power amplifiers & external antennas
- Less buffering for uninterrupted video streaming & lag-free gaming
- Simultaneous streaming to multiple devices using MU-MIMO technology
- Focused WiFi & increased performance with Beamforming+
- Dual-core 1GHz processor boosts overall network performance

Mobile | Faster & Farther
- High-power amplifiers & antennas help extend WiFi coverage throughout large homes & even backyards
- Beamforming+ focuses WiFi signals to both 2.4 & 5GHz devices. With signals locked onto your device, experience
what it really means to be mobile!


NETGEAR Armor provides a critical layer of online security for every device connected to the router. By actively blocking known malicious sites and applications, NETGEAR Armor safeguards you from cyber threats such as ransomware, malware, phishing and more. Includes Bitdefender Total Security to protect all of your family’s iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows devices, even when on public WiFi. Unlimited number of connected devices are covered, including all smart home devices.

Nighthawk App

The NETGEAR Nighthawk App makes it easy to set up your router and get more out of your WiFi, WIth the app, you can install your router in a few steps—just connect your mobile device to the router network and the app will walk you through the rest. Once set up, you can use the intuitive dashboard to pause the Internet on your connected devices, run a quick Internet speed test, set up smart parental controls and much more.
- Set up your WiFi in minutes
- Pause WiFi on any device
- Monitor your home network from anywhere
- Test your service provider Internet speed
- Track Internet data usage
- Set up separate guests network
- Protect your devices from cyber threats, block malware & more with NETGEAR Armor™
- Manage content & time online, on any device with Circl with Disney parental controls

Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO)
Traditional WiFi routers can stream data to only one device in the home at a time. When multiple devices are connected to the router, each device needs to take its turn, and then wait before receiving more data. This can lead to slower network and Internet speeds. Using Multi-User MIMO technology, NETGEAR routers can stream data to multiple devices simultaneously. With MU-MIMO, your WiFi network can deliver faster throughput to every MU-MIMO connected device. That means faster downloads and smoother streaming for your devices.

ReadyCLOUD® USB Access—Access Your Files Wherever, Whenever
Access and share your files via secure, personal cloud storage with NETGEAR ReadyCLOUD USB Access. Once you’ve connected your USB drive to your NETGEAR Nighthawk AC2300 and uploaded all your favorite files, you can enjoy the convenience and accessibility anytime & anywhere you have an Internet connection. No fees, storage limitations, or privacy concerns of cloud storage services. Using the ReadyCLOUD mobile app or web portal, you’ll now have anytime, anywhere access to your USB drive at home… it’s that easy!

Dynamic Quality Of Service
If you like gaming and streaming videos, then you’ll benefit from Dynamic Quality of Service (QoS). Dynamic QoS resolves Internet traffic congestion when you have competing Internet demands at home. Dynamic QoS identifies your online activities by application and device, and then utilizes bandwidth allocation, and traffic prioritization techniques, to automatically allocate more bandwidth to latency sensitive applications like online gaming and video streaming, while ensuring that lower priority applications continue to work.

- AC2300 Cybersecurity WiFi Routers
- AC2300 WiFi Routers
- Cybersecurity WiFi Routers
- AC WiFi Routers
- WiFi Routers

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