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Cougar Headset Phontum Pro -Pelikuulokkeet

Cougar Headset Phontum Pro -Pelikuulokkeet

Valmistaja: COUGAR
ID: 3H800P53B.0001
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Extreme Fidelity Audio for Extremer
Phontum Pro brings you top-end audio quality in a highly comfortable design that includes two earpad (fabric and soft protein leather) sets to adapt itself to each situation. Endowed with COUGAR’s graphene diaphragm technology and a dual chamber system, this headset is the dream of an audiophile come true.

Environmental Noise Cancellation(ENC) Technology
Phontum Pro utilizes ENC sensor to capture independent signals and then distinguish the target voice and dynamic ambient noises by algorithm to further cancel the environmental noises from the mixed signal, leaving clear voice to be heard.

7.1 Virtual Surround: 360º Immersive Audio
Get a 360º experience with Phontum Pro’s high quality 7.1 virtual surround sound. Lifelike audio feedback during your game allows you to hear your rivals approaching and prepare to face them!

Impressive Sound Quality
53mm drivers are equipped with graphene diaphragms that deliver audio with virtually no distortions.

9.7mm of Clear Voice
Phontum Pro premium 9.7mm cardioid microphone transfers your voice clearly to your friends and teammates, ensuring an optimal online (in-game and off-game) chatting experience.

Total Comfort
Clear, light and portable audio with extra-fresh fabric surface for your travels and commutes. A high-isolation quality audio experience for your home. Clear, light and portable audio for your travels and commutes.
Home earpads with premium soft Protein surfaces are built using memory foam for better fitting your head, while the oval-shaped interior of the earpads enhances the isolation and gives your ears plenty of space.

Orotund Sounds and Flamboyant RGB Options
With Phontum Pro, dynamic RGB colors increase the diversity to your gaming atmosphere. Fully configurable, with five different modes and the possibility of picking any color.

Phontum Pro’s UIX can achieve your listening experiences with ENC and Xear Surround option. A powerful software equalizer allows you to adjust Phontum Pro’s performance to entirely suit your tastes and needs. Also, convenient features such as microphone input strength and monitor control are also available.

Great Compatibility
The headset comes with a USB-A and 4-pole connector that will allow you to use with laptops, phones, tablets and other devices.

  • USB-A 3.5 / 4-pole
  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptops
  • Mobile Devices
  • Tablets
  • Handheld Consoles
  • Consoles

  • 53mm Drivers with Chamber Design and Graphene Diaphragms
  • 9.7mm Unidirectional Cardioid Microphone
  • Xear® 7.1 Virtual Surround
  • Two Detachable Control Units (for USB and 3.5mm Connections)
  • UIX System: Full Equalizer with 12 Presets and Lighting Control
  • Addressable RGB Lighting System with 5 Preset Modes
  • Two Interchangeable Earpad Sets (for Gaming and On-the-Go Use )
  • Microsoft® Hardware Certified with Windows 10 family version, x86 and x64

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