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D-Link AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 Dual-Band PoE Access Point

D-Link AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 Dual-Band PoE Access Point

Valmistaja: D-LINK
ID: DAP-X2810
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Verkkokauppa: Arvioitu toimitus: 08.06 - 11.06
Hinnan muutokset
Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) -portit2
Tuotteen väriValkoinen
Tiedonsiirron enimmäisnopeus1800 Mbit/s
Ethernet LAN -datanopeudet10,100,1000 Mbit/s
2.4 GHzcheckmark
5 GHzcheckmark
Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM)/(WME)checkmark
Takuu5 vuotta
Source: Icecat.biz

Hails The End of Slow Business
The DAP-X2810 is empowered with next generation Wi-Fi 6. Enhanced MU-MIMO with even more uplink and downlink streams serves more devices simultaneously. OFDMA dramatically increases transmission efficiency and 1024-QAM packs even more data, bringing unadulterated speed increases of a searing 25%.
Wi-Fi 6 leverages all these features and more to create Wi-Fi with unparalleled performance.

Wi-Fi That Turbo Boosts Business Performance
With the DAP-X2810 by your side, it’s all systems go. It is fully prepared to handle all day-to-day demands of busy SMBs. Equipped with Wi-Fi 6, there are massive performance improvements, as well as all the features of 11ac now available for the 2.4 GHz band too.

Take a Load Off and Let Your AP do the Hard Work
The DAP-X2810’s Load Balancing feature spreads the work load between two or more Access Points to get optimal resource utilization, throughput and response time, while Airtime Fairness helps distribute equal amounts of air time to each connected client. Band Steering auto-connects devices such as smart phones and tablets to the higher-capacity 5 GHz band while allowing devices 2.4 GHz-ready to remain. The result is a steady, consistent connection for each user – the perfect balancing act.

No-Wait Wi-Fi Even at Peak Time with MU-MIMO
Equipped with the latest 802.11ax MU-MIMO technology and 1800 Mbps throughput, delivering exceptional connectivity to more users and devices just got a lot easier. Your network will not balk, even at the busiest of times.

Multi-Mode Makes the Most of your Network Capabilities
In order to achieve optimal network performance, the DAP-X2810 has several operational modes tailored to best fit the individual needs of your network. Access Point, WDS (Wireless Distribution System), and WDS with Access Point modes allow for flexible, customizable deployment whatever your requirements.

Complete Control over your Network’s Access
Complete control comes as standard with the DAP-X2810. Combined with the Nuclias Connect Software, a variety of the latest in network security and management tools are at your fingertips. You can rest assured that the best of the best are hard at work keeping your network protected and hitch free.

- MAC Filtering – Limit what devices can connect
- Rogue AP Detection – Guard against unauthorized Access Point installation
- Wireless LAN Segmentation – Better bandwidth utilization
- Wireless Isolation – Limit what users access on the local network
- Wireless Broadcast Scheduling – Automate when your network is available
- SSID Broadcast Disabling – Hide your wireless for an extra layer of security

The Beating Heart of Your Network
At the heart of your network is the DNH-100 Wireless Controller, or ‘The Hub’. It centralizes all aspects of your Access Points’ provisioning and management, allowing them to work together as a team. Features such as self-organizing, self-optimizing and self-healing keep the network performing at its peak.

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