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Endorfy Arx 700 ARGB - Mini-tornikotelo, Musta

Valmistaja: ENDORFY
ID: EY2A013
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Tilaa ja nouda 1-4 päivää kuluttua Avoinna tänään: 10:00 - 18:00 Tietoa myymälästä
Tilaa ja nouda 1-4 päivää kuluttua Avoinna tänään: 10:00 - 17:00 Tietoa myymälästä
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Hinnan muutokset
Äänen sisääntuloKyllä
Äänen ulostuloKyllä
USB 2.0 -porttien määrä2
Paino ja mitat
Paino8,5 kg
Tuotteen korkeus486 mm
Tuotteen leveys228 mm
Tuotteen syvyys472 mm
Tuetut HDD-koot2.5,3.5"
HDD/SSD -yhdistelmäkoppacheckmark
Pakkauksen paino9,7 kg
Pakkauksen syvyys540 mm
Pakkauksen korkeus528 mm
Pakkauksen leveys290 mm
Pakkauksen sisältö
Tuulettimen nopeus200 - 1200 RPM
Asennettuja tuulettimia edessä3x 140 mm
Tuuletinpaikkojen enimmäismäärä edessä3
Asennettuja tuulettimia (takana)1x 140 mm
Takaosan jäähdyttimen tuuletinkoot tuettu120,240 mm
Tukee etutuulettimen eri kokoja120,240,280,360 mm
Tuetut yläosan jäähdyttäjän tuulettimen koot120,240,280,360 mm
Tuotteen väriMusta
Tuetut emolevytATX, ITX, mikro ATX
3,25":n laitepaikkojen lukumäärä1
Valaistuksen väriMulti
CPU-coolerin enimmäiskorkeus17,9 cm
Näytönohjaimen suurin pituus41 cm
Virtalähteen enimmäispituus34 cm
Valaistuksen sijaintiKotelotuulettimet
Tuettujen tallennusasemien lukumäärä7
2,5":n laitepaikkoja6
Virtalähde mukanacross
Takuu2 vuotta
Source: Icecat.biz

We know a lot about PC cases, and it's hard to surprise us, but our eyes still light up at the sight of the ENDORFY Arx 700 ARGB (and we see this beauty every day). We’ve put the best of our knowledge and experience into it – and it sure is a winner.
This is so far the largest PC case (486×228×472 mm) available with the ENDORFY logo. The ENDORFY Arx 700 ARGB will be a perfect fit for your components – such as a tall cooling system (up to 179 mm), 8 fans (including 4 Stratus 140 PWM ARGB which you get for a good start), and virtually any available graphics card (up to 410 mm). It also keeps them in a light draft, like a crisp morning breeze on a mountain meadow – thanks to the mesh panels on the front and top.

We will, we will freeze you!
We have a message that will freeze you. Literally, because the Arx 700 ARGB is as cold as the heart of a guild buddy who won’t lend you gold for new armor. Simply put – your components keep a low temperature even when you squeeze the last drops of juice out of your PC.
All thanks to the Arx 700 ARGB‘s spacious interior with room for 8 freezers fans. What’s more, the front and top panels are also filters, so there’s no need for additional dust covers. Compared to traditional solutions, a single layer of filters improves air circulation and makes it easier to keep the components in a pleasant breeze (because cooling is extremely important to us). Your mom will be proud of this (ours already are).

Heart made of stone fans
We sometimes say that the heart of the Arx 700 ARGB is made of stone fans. And not just any fans – we mean the 4 Stratus 140 PWM ARGB fans, we developed in cooperation with Synergy Cooling. We also added a splitter, so you can control their speed with a PWM signal from one motherboard connector.
The Stratus 140 PWM ARGB is our colorful pride and joy. Its 14 cm height combined with the optional semi-passive mode is perfect for providing great airflow inside the PC case. Plus, the fan runs on a durable FDB bearing, so you can work (and play) in silence even in extreme conditions. Some even think that our Arx 700 ARGB would do well in a survival camp, but we haven't tested it. Yet.

No thick filters
Great products don't need (thick) filters – especially when it comes to PC cases. The double dust cover protects against dirt, but at the same time it restricts the airflow like a synthetic costume at a cosplay convention. We get hot just thinking about it!
That’s why the Arx 700 ARGB has – drumroll, please – a top and front mesh panel that serve as filters.
Thanks to them, our PC case is as airy as a mountain meadow in spring, and you don’t have to install any additional protection against dust and dirt. Each of the filters can be removed and cleaned with a cloth or vacuum cleaner (or simply rinsed under running water) – and you’ll do it in less time than it took you to read this description.

1,000 points for looks
We respect closed PC cases – they hide components beautifully and match minimalist desks. But when you want to show off your epic components (or turn on ARGB inside), it's the tempered glass side that does the job. And it gives you an extra 1000 points for looks – that's why we put it in the Arx 700 ARGB.

Everything in place
If we were to describe the Arx 700 ARGB in a few words, we’d say that it's got everything in the right place. It's our biggest case (at least for now), so you can easily fit all your treasures in there. In such a space, they’ll feel like standing next to an open window.
Or two – YOLO.
The Arx 700 ARGB is 486×228×472 mm. That's plenty of room for everything you need to live win – including a tall cooling system (up to 179 mm), 8 fans (4 of which you get from us for a good start) and simultaneously two radiators up to 360 mm which guarantees efficient cooling of the most demanding builds.
It’ll also fit virtually any graphics card available on the market (up to 410 mm) and power supply – you can place it in whatever position is most convenient for you. You can put it together in a flash, thanks in part to the special mounting frame. We tested it ourselves.

ARGB-bright future
Good news! With our PC case, the ARGB-bright future awaits you. Literally – because with the Arx 700 ARGB, it only takes one click to create an epic aurora over your desk (the RESET button is responsible for the control). Some say it's because of the low temperature in the case – but the truth is that ARGB fans are spinning inside.
They allow you to light up your PC the way you want. The 4 Stratus 140 PWM ARGB fans (pre-installed for your convenience) give you the option of any lighting configuration. You can set them up in an instant thanks to the built-in PWM and ARGB controllers – all combined into one functional package that is compatible with ENDORFY ARGB-labeled products (and compatible products from other manufacturers). This means that you can easily synchronize the backlight of the entire set based on the Arx 700 ARGB – even if it’s your very first build.
Because your PC is meant to be for you, not the other way around.

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