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(Tehdashuollettu) XEON-DP 3.2GHZ 512KB

549,90 €
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Toimituskulut: alkaen 3,90 €
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Postin pakettiautomaatit3,90 €
Postipaketti5,60 €
Ovelle-paketti11,10 €
Kotipaketti11,70 €
Matkahuolto Lähellä-paketti6,20 €
Matkahuolto Bussipaketti4,10 €
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Järjestelmäväylä533 MHz
ProsessorityyppiIntel® Xeon®
Suorittimen välimuisti0,512 MB
Suorittimen taajuus3,2 GHz
Prosessorin välimuistityyppiL2
Käyttölämpötila10 - 35 °C
Takuu1 vuosi
Source: Icecat.biz

This 3.2GHz Intel Xeon processor with 533MHz front-side bus speed and 1MB L3 Cache helps deliver processing power, throughput and headroom for peak performance to your application-intensive xSeries servers. It features the new Intel NetBurst microarchitecture, which increases throughput via a 533MHz system bus and enhanced 1MB Level 3 cache. It also features new Hyper-Threading technology which allows it to execute more than one thread per processor. These combined features increase the throughput of your server applications and enable outstanding scalability for Internet infrastructure and mail servers. These enhancements can add up to faster response times, support for more simultaneous users and increased transaction workloads. This processor is designed for customers that require performance headroom for unpredictable server workloads and escalating computing needs. These enhancements coupled with fast speed DDR 266 memory deliver the processing power and bandwidth that typically comes with more robust server platforms. By taking advantage of the performance, flexibility and compatibility of the Intel Xeon DP processors, businesses can closely match each server solution to their specific application and business requirement. The result is a more effective infrastructure and a standards based computing environment that can quickly adapt to changing needs.

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