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MultiRahoitus - invoice or part payment

MultiRahoitus offers you a safe and flexible alternative for financing your purchases in one or more instalments. You can verify your identity with the Tupas certificate and select the payment period that suits you best.

Invoice or part payment

When you select the MultiRahoitus invoice option, we will send you an invoice after the purchase. You can choose whether you wish to receive your invoice by e-mail or as a paper invoice. You get 14 days of interest-free payment time for your purchase.

When you select the Multirahoitus part payment option, you can pay for your purchase according to your own selection in 3-24 monthly instalments, depending on the sum. A lump-sum credit agreement with Lindorff Invest Oy, a subsidiary of Lindorff, will take effect when you accept the agreement when shopping online. You can read the general credit conditions of MultiRahoitus and save them for further reference during confirmation.

The instalments are invoiced monthly. The monthly fee of the credit is EUR 3,95 € for each instalment, and the interest rate of the part payment option is 19,90 %. The effective annual interest rate for credit of EUR 1,000 with a typical payment period of 12 months is 33,09 %, including the credit interest rate and monthly fees.

Part payment terms

You can choose between invoice and part payment when the value of your purchase exceeds EUR 100 and you are over 20 years of age. This payment method requires a Finnish personal identification number, and is only available to private citizens. If you have frozen your own credit or made your credit information secret, you cannot use this payment method.

Please note that when paying with Multirahoitus, your identity is verified using the Tupas certification service. The following banks can be used for identification in the certification service: Osuuspankki, Nordea, Sampo, Handelsbanken, Aktia, Säästöpankki, POP Pankki, S-pankki, Ålandsbanken and LähiTapiola. We also have a mobile identification.

The MultiRahoitus payment method is provided by Lindorff (www.lindorff.fi).

Customer service in questions related to payments

In questions concerning the invoice and payment for a purchase, you can contact Lindorff customer service:
Tel. 02 2700 550 (the call is charged at the normal local or long-distance rate) Mon–Fri 8 am – 8 pm and Sat 10 am – 3 pm

For any delayed payments, we will charge expenses and interest according to the law.

Processing returns and cancellations

Lindorff refunds the open credit automatically upon receiving notification of an accepted return or a refund from the shopkeeper. This does not require any action from you.

In the case of a refund of a payment already made, you need to submit your personal details and bank account data in writing to Lindorff customer service.
By e-mail: eramaksu@lindorff.fi, with the subject ‘Lindorff Invest Oy/suorituksen palautus’
By mail: Lindorff Oy / Laskutusasiakaspalvelu, PL 20, 20101 Turku, Finland
By fax: +358 2 2700 301

Information used in the credit decision

When you select MultiRahoitus as the method of payment, we will ask for your personal details. We will check your credit history with a credit information provider and make a real-time credit decision. The credit decision is made and the checks carried out by Lindorff Oy; the information is not stored in the seller’s customer information system. Your personal information will only be used for granting the credit. Additional information about a negative credit decision can be queried with Lindorff customer service if needed.

To ensure your security, your information will be transferred to us through a secure SSL/TLS connection.

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