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MSI Cashback

Get cashback up to 80€ per selected MSI purchase!

How to redeem:
Step 1.
Submit your application through MSI Cashback Claim Form https://back-to-school-2020.msi.com/land-se

Step 2. Upload proof:
1. Fill in your product details and provide the image of SN number on products and invoice image.
2. Fill your personal information.

Step 3.
Once your claim is approved, you will be receive the email for cashback prize.

Read more about cashback: https://se.msi.com/Promotion/back-to-school-2020
If you have any questions, please contact MSI customer service team: http://register.msi.com/

Eligible purchase period: 01/Sep 2020 – 31/Oct 2020
Redemption Period: 01/Oct 2020 – 14/Dec 2020
*All cashback redemptions can only be initiated 30 days after purchase date (to avoid abuse of return shipping policies)

MSI Cashback