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Watch Swedish/Finnish television or play services on your holiday abroad (or for example, American TV when you’re at home).

Avoid annoying regional filters! Freedome lets you watch Swedish/Finnish TV on holiday – and watch movie services from the USA in Finland

Surf without geo restrictions – use your favourite services regardless of your location.

When you’re on the Internet you always leave a trace in the form of an IP number. Your usual IP number also reveals where you are in the world, which is why you can’t watch movie clips that are limited to the USA. F-Secure Freedome solves this by allowing you to determine the country your IP number originates from with one click. If you are on holiday abroad, you can choose a Finnish or Swedish IP number, which allows you to watch Finnish or Swedish WebTV. And you don’t have to endure language changes on Facebook or Google when you are abroad.


Freedome makes you practically invisible online. You cannot be tracked because you use an IP number that cannot be linked to you. The application also lets you decide from which country your IP will originate. All traffic is sent encrypted so that no third party will be able to see the content (not even the internet provider).