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Order cancellation and return guidelines

Undelivered orders

Contact Multitronic’s Customer Service by:

  • Email: email@multitronic.fi
  • Phone
    • +358 (0)6 319 77 01 (Finnish)
    • +358 (0)6 319 77 02 (Swedish)
    • +358 (0)6 319 77 03 (English)

Orders of custom-made products, special orders, and infrequently ordered products cannot be cancelled.

Customer returns

For return of a misordered product, please follow the instructions below. Products returned without acceptance from Multitronic’s Customer Service will be returned to the sender.

  1. Fill in a form at http://multitronic.fi/rma/add/order or directly in you order history. Please note that if you are logged in to your customer account, all contact and order details are already available.
  2. Send an e-mail to service@multitronic.fi – give your name, address, product, product serial number, and a description of the problem.
  3. Contact one of our stores. Multitronic and iTronic stores accept all products purchased from Multitronic or iTronic stores.
  4. Contact Multitronic’s customer service in Vaasa:
    • +358 (0)6 319 77 41 (Finnish)
    • +358 (0)6 319 77 42 (Swedish)
    • +358 (0)6 319 77 43 (English)

Criteria for customer returns

  1. The product will be refunded after a specific evaluation of its market value and condition.
  2. A restock cost of 35 euros minimum, VAT  0 %, will be paid by the returning party.
  3. The returned product will be credited at a percentage of the purchase amount. The percentage is determined individually for each case.
  4. Customers are liable for any damages which occur during the transport of a returned product.
  5. Custom-made, special order products, and products that are difficult to resell will not be accepted.

Multitronic offers a 7 day return policy if the conditions below are met: Multitronic has approved the returning of the product

  1. A valid return number from Multitronic has been provided.
  2. The product is returned immediately after receiving the return number.
  3. The returned product is:
    1. complete in its original unopened box and in the same condition as when it was bought
    2. without any extra stickers, tape, or labels added to the box.
  4. The customer is responsible for:
    1. Shipping costs for delivery
    2. Shipping costs for the return
    3. Restock costs. A percentage of the product’s selling price, the minimum, being 35 euros, VAT  0 %.

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