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Product is end of life or currently not available. Please contact our customer service for more information regarding this product.
Availability / Delivery
Price development
Weight & dimensions
Weight490 g
Height299 mm
Width407 mm
Depth19 mm
Packaging data
Package weight506 g
Package depth50 mm
Package height300 mm
Packaging content
Mouse includedcheckmark
CompatibilityHP Spectre x360 – 13-4230ng (E9P10EA)
HP Spectre x2 – 12-a003ng (K3D42EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 13-4104ng (K3D43EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 13-4105ng (K3D44EA)
HP ENVY Notebook – 13-d003ng (K3D47EA)
HP ENVY Notebook – 13-d004ng (K3D48EA)
Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook – 15-an031ng (K3D64EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab103ng (L2S55EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac113ng (L2S84EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac114ng (L2S85EA)
HP Notebook – 15-af110ng (L2S95EA)
HP Pavilion x360 – 11-k100ng (N7H39EA)
HP Stream Notebook – 11-r000ng (N7H67EA)
HP ENVY Notebook – 13-d000ng (N7H78EA)
HP Pavilion x2 – 10-n200ng (N8J17EA)
HP Pavilion x2 – 10-n201ng (N8J18EA)
HP Pavilion x2 – 10-n202ng (N8J19EA)
HP Pavilion x2 – 10-n230ng (N8J20EA)
HP Pavilion x2 – 10-n231ng (N8J21EA)
HP Pavilion x360 – 11-k101ng (N9Q63EA)
HP Pavilion x360 – 13-s101ng (N9Q88EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab102ng (N9R17EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab202ng (N9R26EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab203ng (N9R28EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab204ng (N9R29EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac101ng (N9R55EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac102ng (N9R57EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac103ng (N9R59EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac104ng (N9R61EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac105ng (N9R63EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac108ng (N9R69EA)
HP ENVY Notebook – 15-ae101ng (N9R77EA)
HP Notebook – 15-af101ng (N9R83EA)
HP Notebook – 15-af103ng (N9R87EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab230ng (P0F95EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab231ng (P0F96EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac131ng (P0G33EA)
HP ENVY Notebook – 15-ae103ng (P0U20EA)
HP ENVY Notebook – 15-ae104ng (P0U21EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 13-4101ng (P0U78EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 13-4102ng (P0U79EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 13-4103ng (P0U80EA)
HP ENVY Notebook – 13-d002ng (P0U82EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac109ng (P1C50EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac110ng (P1D95EA)
HP Notebook – 15-af107ng (P1E33EA)
HP Notebook – 14-ac101ng (P1E44EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac173ng (P1S52EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab217ng (P3K44EA)
HP Stream Notebook – 13-c100ng (P3X97EA)
HP ENVY x360 – 15-w102ng (P3Y95EA)
HP ENVY x360 – 15-w103ng (P3Y96EA)
HP ENVY Notebook – 13-d020ng (P4A48EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab220ng (P4A64EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab221ng (P4A65EA)
HP ENVY Notebook – 15-ae120ng (P4A84EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab213ng (P4H90EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac116ng (P4J04EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac118ng (P4J06EA)
HP Pavilion x360 – 11-k102ng (P4J34EA)
HP Pavilion x360 – 11-k103ng (P4J35EA)
HP ENVY x360 – 15-w104ng (P4J60EA)
HP Pavilion x360 – 13-s130ng (P5M88EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab232ng (P5M98EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac135ng (P5N05EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac136ng (P5N06EA)
HP ENVY Notebook – 15-ae133ng (P5N12EA)
HP Notebook – 15-af130ng (P5N22EA)
HP Notebook – 15-af131ng (P5N23EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab215ng (P5N47EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab216ng (P5N48EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 13-4132ng (P5N76EA)
HP Stream Notebook – 13-c131ng (P5N80EA)
HP Pavilion x2 – 10-n232ng (P5P75EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac120ng (P5P90EA)
HP Notebook – 15-af114ng (P5P95EA)
HP Stream Notebook – 11-r031ng (P7R84EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac143ng (P7R86EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac144ng (P7R87EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac145ng (P7R88EA)
HP ENVY Notebook – 13-d071ng (P7T26EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac176ng (P7T45EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab235ng (T1D90EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab244ng (T1E44EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab245ng (T1E45EA)
HP Pavilion x2 – 12-b000ng (T1F46EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab247ng (T1F48EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab248ng (T1F49EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab249ng (T1F50EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab250ng (T1F51EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab251ng (T1F52EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac153ng (T1F53EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 15-ap002ng (T1F60EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 15-ap003ng (T1F61EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab234ng (T1K62EA)
Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook – 15-an000ng (T1K73EA)
Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook – 15-an001ng (T1K74EA)
HP Stream Notebook – 13-c102ng (T1M93EA)
HP Notebook – 14-ac104ng (T1N18EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab107ng (T1N43EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab240ng (T1N45EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab241ng (T1N46EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab242ng (T1N47EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab243ng (T1N48EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac137ng (T1N52EA)
HP Pavilion x360 – 13-s131ng (T9N51EA)
HP Notebook – 15-af133ng (T9N71EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac638ng (T9P51EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac639ng (T9P52EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac670ng (T9P53EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac671ng (T9P54EA)
HP Pavilion x2 – 10-n101ng (T9Q70EA)
HP Pavilion x2 – 10-n102ng (T9Q71EA)
HP Pavilion x2 – 10-n103ng (T9Q72EA)
HP Pavilion x2 – 10-n130ng (T9Q73EA)
HP Pavilion x2 – 10-n131ng (T9Q74EA)
HP Pavilion x2 – 10-n132ng (T9Q75EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab108ng (T9Q81EA)
HP Notebook – 15-af116ng (T9Q96EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab109ng (T9R10EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac123ng (V0X46EA)
HP Notebook – 15-af117ng (V0X53EA)
HP Notebook – 15-af118ng (V0X54EA)
HP Notebook – 15-af119ng (V0X55EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab110ng (V0Y77EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab111ng (V0Y78EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab254ng (V0Y83EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac154ng (V2H42EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac155ng (V2H43EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac158ng (V2J35EA)
HP Pavilion x2 – 10-n104ng (V4M89EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab272ng (V4P09EA)
HP Notebook – 15-af142ng (V4P39EA)
HP Notebook – 15-af143ng (V4P68EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac159ng (V8R31EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab114ng (W0X08EA)
HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook – 15-ak134ng (W0X34EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 15-ap006ng (W0X37EA)
HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook – 15-ak136ng (W0Y22EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab223ng (W0Y57EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab255ng (W0Y59EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac125ng (W0Y66EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac126ng (W0Y67EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac127ng (W0Y87EA)
HP Notebook – 14-ac116ng (W2V80EA)
HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook – 15-ak104ng (W2V85EA)
HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook – 15-ak105ng (W2V87EA)
HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook – 15-ak106ng (W2V88EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 13-4108ng (W2V95EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab115ng (W2W66EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac160ng (W2W70EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac161ng (W2W71EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac163ng (W2W87EA)
HP Notebook – 15-af123ng (W2W92EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab120ng (W2X34EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac166ng (W2X44EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab257ng (W4X32EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac128ng (W4X33EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac129ng (W4X34EA)
HP Notebook – 15-ac167ng (W4X35EA)
HP ENVY Notebook – 15-ae109ng (W4X49EA)
HP Notebook – 15-af144ng (W4X69EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab117ng (W4Y25EA)
HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab118ng (W4Y26EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 13-4154ng (W6Y09EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 13-4150ng (W8Z17EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 13-4151ng (X3M21EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 13-4175ng (X3M24EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 13-4231ng (X3M28EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 13-4203ng (X5B62EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 13-4204ng (X5B63EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 13-4155ng (X5C58EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 13-4156ng (X5C59EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 13-4157ng (X5Y48EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 13-4158ng (X5Y49EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 13-4159ng (Y0U77EA)
HP Spectre x360 – 13-4179ng (Y6F32EA)
HP Pavilion x2 – 12-b030ng (T9R01EA#ABD)
HP Spectre x360 – 15-ap004ng (W0X35EA#ABD)
HP Spectre x360 – 13-4178ng (X5Y50EA#ABD)
Product colourBlack, Grey
Maximum screen size compatibility39.6 cm (15.6")
Protection featuresScratch resistant
Surface colorationMonotone
Case typeBriefcase
Source: Icecat.biz

The HP 39.6 cm (15.6") Wireless Essentials Kit is the perfect complement to your notebook. It includes a 3-button wireless mobile mouse and a padded sleeve to protect your notebook while you are out and about.