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Xiaomi Dreame D9 Robot Vacuum - robot vacuum cleaner, White

Xiaomi Dreame D9 Robot Vacuum - robot vacuum cleaner, White

Manufacturer: XIAOMI
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RLS5 Series
--LDS lidar laser + new SLAM intelligent algorithm to provide users with the most
intelligent navigation planning experience
-- Abundant advanced map functions, stronger computing power to improve planning
-- 3000Pa strong suction, floating roller brush, intelligent detection of floor/carpet and
5200mAh large capacity battery to ensure an effective cleaning of 250㎡ house
-- A new generation of cleaning mop + 270ml intelligent electric water tank to mop the
floor cleaner
-- 20mm obstacle-crossing height and 14 types of sensors that enable a real-time
perception of environment to move freely at home
-- Noise reduced to 65dB(A) to optimize the user experience
-- MiJia APP intelligent control to support voice control with Xiao Ai

LDS, the most reliable navigation solution
Principle: by emitting invisible laser and receiving reflected light,
the relative position of the boundary and the device is measured.
Based on this, the position of the machine in the map is
determined while drawing a complete boundary map.
• Benefits: among the different types of navigation products on the market (gyroscope navigation, vSLAM navigation, LDS navigation), LDS navigation is currently the most powerful navigation solution in terms of drawing speed, accuracy and reliability.

Sweeping & Mopping 2 in 1
• Principle:the sweeping function is completed by side brush,
main brush and large suction fan; floor mopping function is
finished by water tank and mop, simulating manual
• Benefits: the vacuum cleaner that only sweeps or mops the
floor cannot meet the family's need, and it’s tiresome that
both functions cannot work simultaneously. This product
can work as sweeper only or as both the sweeper and
mopper at the same time, much more efficiently.
• Key words: Sweeping and mopping 2 in 1; Efficient
cleaning; Clean

New Map Management Function

Map Memory and Area
Partition Automatically memorize the layout and carry out a reasonable partition to improve planning efficiency

Clean the Rooms in Order
Automatically recognize different rooms, clean room by room with no repetition during the cleaning process

Selection of Cleaning Area
Users can choose to clean the rooms according to their needs

Targeted area cleaning
Users can flexibly customize cleaning tasks within a small area

Virtual Walls
Users can freely set virtual walls and restricted areas on the map, clean the place as they wish.

suction, intelligent carpet identification
Principle: four suction modes, the fan maximum vacuum up to 3000Pa. According to the working resistance of different media between the roller brush and the ground, the greater the resistance, the greater the current, so as to judge whether the ground is a carpet. In case of carpet, it will identify automatically to increase suction, stop the discharge of water from the tank.
• Benefits: most of the products on the market are small suction vacuum cleaner, and their cleaning function is very limited, are able to do nothing if encounter carpet. With 3000pa maximum suction, users need not worry about insufficient suction. 570mL optimized large dust cup decreases dumping frequency greatly.

Optional disposable mops
• Principle: large size non-woven fabric design, four layer
design of adhesive layer, water storage layer, water lock +
diffusion layer and clean layer. The water storage layer
design is relatively fluffy, and can adapt to the floor height to
clean uneven floor.
• Benefits: mops' water permeability, electrostatic adsorption
and stain cleaning are stronger. Cleaning mops is usually one
of the pain points of users. No need to wash by hand, simply
throw it after usage, which makes housework easier.

Optional antibacterial mops
Mop: made of superfine fiber, adding inorganic antibacterial agent to destroy the balance of positive and negative charges to achieve antibacterial effect.
Antibacterial mop has a bacteriostasis rate of up to 99%, it can
solve the problem of odor and bacteria breeding after the usage
of traditional mops, which will lead to secondary pollution when
mopping the floor.

5200mAh lithium battery 150min ultra-long runtime
• Principle: Under the standard mode, the battery can mlast for 2.5 hour s , it can clean a house witha mconstruction area of about 250 square meters if mestimated based on 80% housing acquisition rate.
• Benefits: The common battery capacity is 2600mAh, mwhich can barely finish the small and medium-sized mapartment, it's powerless to clean the bigger houses. mDouble capacity can easily clean large houses.

Easily cross obstacles of 20mm
easily climb over threshold, slide track, carpet to the clean the whole house

Detachable brush for easier hair removal
• Principle: By rotating the bearing of the lower roller brush, the problem of hair entanglement can be solved. The hair entanglement on the corner can be simply solved as well.
• Benefits: Hair entanglement is a major pain point for users when using at home, especially for women, hair are entangled in the roller brush, and it may even be difficult to clean up the stucking of roller brush. And this problem can be quickly cleaned by disassembly.

Multiple noise reduction optimization to lower the noise
• Principle: soft rubber air duct has less vibration than the traditional hard one. A layer of nano insulation sponge makes the noise reduction is 1~2dB(A) better than ordinary sponge. Optimize gearbox noise; Optimize to reduce the collision sound of the bumper plate; Fully optimize motor vibration; adopt silent motor; upgrade high
elastic rubber scraper blade.
• Benefits: Optimize the structure design and material selection, optimize the cleaning noise while optimizing the vacuum cleaner noise. Low noise, but still with high suction.

Connect to your phone controlled app
• Map Display
• Path Planning
• Partition Cleaning
• Selected Areas Cleaning
• Virtual Walls
• Battery Display
• Cleaning Time
• Cleaning Appointment
• Suction Adjustment
• Usage of consumables

Voice linkage with Xiao Ai speaker. Just say it when you need clean!

Robot vacuum, please start cleaning
Robot vacuum, please pause for a while
Robot vacuum, please recharge

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