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Dreame T30 - cordless vacuum cleaner

Dreame T30 - cordless vacuum cleaner

Manufacturer: DREAME
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The T30 handheld vacuum cleaner with a strong suction power of 150AW-180AW dusts robustly. Also, there are seven features for the T30 handheld vacuum cleaner. Dreame uses an aerospace level motor for the T30 cordless vacuum cleaner. Hence, the dust, pet dander, and debris move thoroughly without any jams. It has a 12 cyclones design that lets it clean without degrading the vacuum parts. There is a smart sensor inside the cleaner that can adjust the suction power automatically. Thus, it is an intelligent vacuum cleaner.
Cordless Dreame T30 Vacuum Cleaner 70 mins Ultra-Long Battery with 150W Suction Power with Full HD Screen

The smart sensor inside the cleaning unit can also sense the need for changing the suction power according to the floor. So, the 3000mAh battery lets it vacuum for an hour and 30 minutes. You can comfortably hold the Dreame T30 vacuum cleaner. Also, the controls are near your thumb for easy reach. There are buttons for turning it on, off or adjusting the suction power manually. The LED indicators blink when the dust box is full and needs emptying. Its anti-tangling lets it pick up animal dander or hair without causing hair tangles. The front of the roller brush has V-shape for better cleaning.
Reliable 125,000 RPM Brushless Motor and Single Button for Quick Switching Functions

The Full HD screen displays and indicates all of the workings of the handheld vacuum cleaner. There is an 8-stage noise reduction system that keeps loud noise away. Hence, you can be sure of no disturbances when vacuuming with the Dreame T30 vacuum cleaner. This cordless handheld vacuum cleaner with 25000Pa suction power cleans quickly and efficiently. Most handheld cordless vacuum cleaners become hot because of the battery heating. However, the T30 vacuum cleaner has a cooling system for the battery compartment.

Get a Grip on Cleaning Intelligent Screen.
Dust level is seen on the LCD screen, along with battery life, cleanup reports, error prompts, etc. The Auto-Lock also allows you to turn on the continuous working mode.

Let it choose the right suction.
In Auto mode, T30 automatically detects the dust ahead. It chooses the right suction level according to the dust amount. As a result, it saves the battery while keeping your home clean.

Spins faster.
Vacuums harder.
Spins at 150,000RPM. Sophisticated mechanism. Eliminates debris and dust with strong suction and performance.

Up to 90min*. Detachable battery.
The battery set provides efficient energy and strong heat dissipation capacity to maintain a constant power output for the motor.

Brush designed for multiple floor types.
Comes with a unique v-shape brush, which makes movement on carpets easy and helps to untangle hairs

Filters and seals the majority of particles.
The 5-layer filtration system traps the majority of particles as small as 0.3 microns and keeps them from leaking into the air.

Package List:

  • 2-in-1 Wall Mount
  • Main Body
  • Multi-Surface Brush
  • Mini Motorized Brush
  • 2-in-1 Crevice Brush
  • LED Crevice Tool
  • Flexible Hose
  • Dusting Brush
  • 2-in-1 Flexible Extension Tool
  • Carbon Fiber Wand
  • Charging Adapter Plug
  • Rated Voltage: 29.6V
  • Rated Power: 550W
  • Battery Capacity: 8*2,900mAh
  • Net Weight: 1.76kg (3.88 lb)
  • Charging Time: Approx. 4 hours
  • Motor: Dreame SPACE 5.0 Motor
  • Runtime: 90min
  • Suction Power: 190AW
  • Suction Pressure: 27kPa
  • Filter Type: Washable
  • Dust Cup Capacity: 600ml (0.15gal)

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