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SilentiumPC GK650K Kailh Red RGB Nordic - gaming keyboard

Manufacturer: SILENTIUMPC
ID: SPG135
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The full-format keyboard will prove useful not only for gaming but also for everyday use. Thanks to the numeric keypad, the SPC Gear GK650K allows you to efficiently enter numeric values into office programs, perform quick mathematical calculations or assign additional functions in games. Moreover, each of the 104 keys is individually backlit and the illumination can be adjusted to fit your personal preferences and increase the comfort of use in difficult lighting conditions.

The design of the SPC Gear GK650K Omnis keyboard is a fusion of classic style with a gaming flair. Its sharply defined edges and contoured aluminium top, paired with a grooved palm rest, perfectly fit into both a gaming setup and an office environment. Additionally, the keyboard is also equipped with adjustable RGB LED strips on its sides, which further illuminate and visually enrich the workstation.

The GK650K is reinforced from the top with an aluminium plate. This makes the keyboard extremely durable and resistant to deformation — both from rapid typing and during exciting gaming sessions with your favourite game. It also adds to the device’s unique and eye-catching design. Wide rubber feet and the weight of the keyboard ensure stability, increasing the comfort of use.
To improve the ergonomics of the keyboard in day-to-day use and gaming, the GK650K comes with a palm rest included. Attachment and detachment are extremely easy, thanks to the magnetic fastenings and special grooves in the keyboard’s housing. Depending on your needs and preferences, the palm rest can be positioned at any distance from the keyboard — its wide rubber feet ensure that the pad remains stable on the desk. Triangular grooves on top of the palm rest improve ergonomics and enhance the overall look of the keyboard.

The GK650K features a wide metal scroll wheel for audio level control. Each move is accented with a tactile “bump”, allowing you to fine-tune the volume. The roller itself is an extremely functional accessory — just reach in and change the volume with ease, without having to interrupt whatever you’re doing.
The keyboard is equipped with Kailh Blue mechanical switches. They’re the perfect choice for enthusiasts of writing — the switch activation happens with a distinct clicky sound, which for many brings to mind the sound of a typewriter. Kailh Blue are ideal for gamers who want the absolute certainty that the key has been pressed and activated. They are therefore particularly appreciated by fans of RTS games, for example, where every action must be executed flawlessly and high precision in the use of keys is essential.
The detachable cable with specially prepared channels on the bottom of the keyboard is also a novelty in the GK650K. This allows it to be placed in one of the three positions or replaced completely, for example for a longer cable.
The user can adjust not only the appearance (backlighting) of the keyboard, but also its functionality. The GK650K Omnis is equipped with two-position feet that allow you to set the keyboard at three different heights — according to your current needs and preferences.
The N-Key Rollover function in the SPC Gear GK650K is full anti-ghosting. This means that no matter how many keys are used at the same time, you can be sure your computer will register all of them correctly. This is of utmost importance in games that require complex commands involving multiple keys pressed simultaneously.

  • Keyboard type Mechanical
  • Switch type Kailh
  • Switch color Red
  • Number of keys 104
  • Polling Rate [hz] 1000
  • Lighting type RGB
  • Cable length [m] 1.8
  • Plug Gold plated USB
  • Palm rest Yes
  • Macros Yes
  • Anti-Ghosting Full
  • N-Key Rollover Full
  • Product size [mm] 453×210×45
  • Product weight [g] 1154 ±5
  • Warranty 24 months
  • Software yes

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