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(Refurbished) DL380 G5 Dual Processor
3375,90 €
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You have better things to do than worry about file storage. You’re juggling multiple interfaces, security concerns, and shrinking backup windows—all while your users demand more storage space. You need scalable file storage that's powerful and easy to manage, and you need it soon. A DL380 G5 Storage Server is the fast and easy way to add high-performance networked file storage to your enterprise or workgroup IT environment, or to add file and iSCSI services to your SAN. The Microsoft Windows-powered operating system is pre-installed, so you're up and serving files in minutes. Support for multiple protocols enables you to consolidate to a centralized network attached storage (NAS) solution or to create a backup/replication target. A single storage solution to manage, scale, and secure helps you spend less time and effort on maintenance and management, and industry-standard building blocks protect your investment by providing compatibility with your network and applications.


- Be up and serving files in minutes, not hours: The operating system is pre-installed and user storage is pre-configured, so it's a quick, secure, and easy way to add file storage to your network.

- A single, centralized file server: Consolidate islands of direct-attached storage to one platform or create a scalable disk-based backup or replication target.

- Multiple models to fit your needs: The Base model is ready for enclosure expansion, the 1.16 TB SAS gets you started with internal storage, 6-drive MSA60 bundles get you started with external storage, and the SAN Gateway model boosts the value of your SAN/array investment by adding data services to it.

- Add file access or tier block access to your SAN: The SAN Gateway model is a file / iSCSI gateway into a SAN or array, creating IP-based access to virtually unlimited storage. In addition to enabling file services, it can help tier block access via inexpensive Ethernet infrastructure, and can host Windows-based storage management applications.

- Multi-protocol file serving: Install in wide range of heterogeneous file serving environments with support for SMB/CIFS, NFS, HTTP, FTP, WebDAV, AppleTalk, and NetWare protocols.


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