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Hard disks and SSD

HDD vs SSD? What to choose in 2021.

Nowadays, when you are looking for a new notebook or desktop to buy, you will see that some have an SSD and some HDD. Both SSD and HDD does the same job on your computer: boot the operating system, store you local files and applications. Here we will go through the main differences and try to suggest you the one which suits you better. The main differences are speed, storage capacity, durability and of course price.



An HDD consist of the moving parts – disks and basically can remind of an old Record Players. Because of that, you should be extremely careful with moving the working HDD. Any accidental drop can be a fatal one. SSD on the other hand doesn’t have any moving parts and have the flash storage soiled to the board. Thats is why, you can see that many brands mention that their SSDs are shock resistant and can easily handle ground drops.


This is where SSD is a sky rocket compared to an HDD. It takes additional time for an HDD to actually speed up and it still can’t perform the same speeds as an SSD. A typical SSD loads an operating system in seconds, when for HDD it will take about a minute. Loading the operating system is not the only thing, think of the file transfer or application. SSD will do that much faster as well.

Storage capacity

SSDs are still a pretty new type of storage, therefore manufacturers are still behind in development of large storage capacity. Although you can find SSDs with 4TB storage, they are still very rare and not available from all manufacturers. When it comes to HDD you can easily find one with 4TB or even 12TB in a single drive. The more storage you have, the more files you can store on your computer.


Everything depends on what do you care about the most. If you enjoy the high speeds, don’t locally store a lot of files and have some additional budget then SSD is your perfect choice. If you need to store a lot of multimedia and don’t care about the speed then go for an HDD. However there is one extra option. You can buy affordable SSD with smaller storage capacity to load your operating system and use the HDD for you media.

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