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An SSD is a compact and fast type of storage. SSD stands for the solid state drive, which means that it doesn’t have any moving parts inside. SSD flash memory is a much faster storage solution compared to a traditional HDD. If your computer works slow and has an HDD installed, one option to speed it up is to upgrade to an SSD drive. Also, the prices in 2018 for SSDs has significantly dropped down.

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Usually used products which were returned by our own customers, were displayed at Demo stands or have some minor problems like dead pixel. Tested by either us or supplier.

Products which were repaired or restored, fully cleaned from the inside out, tested and carefully boxed by manufacturer.

Open Box
Brand new products which includes all parts and accessories. Box might have been opened or slightly damaged while product itself has been unused. Comes with a full warranty which displayed on each product page when marked "Open Box"

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