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Motherboards For Intel Processors

A motherboard is a PC’s primary circuit board. Though motherboard aesthetics change over time, their basic design makes it easy to connect new expansion cards, hard drives, and memory modules, as well as replace old ones.
Here is a little help on how to choose the right motherboard for your PC.

Overclocking support for CPUs with “K” designation
Maximum of 24 PCIe lanes
Up to six USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports

No overclocking support
Maximum of 20 PCIe lanes
Up to four USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports

No overclocking support
Maximum of 24 PCIe lanes
USB 3.0 ports only

Common desktop motherboard form factors are:
- ATX is standard motherboard full-size.
- Extended ATX/eATX A larger variant of the ATX form factor designed for enthusiast and professional use.
- Micro ATX A compact variant of ATX. Fits into mini-towers, but remains compatible with the mounting holes in larger ATX cases
- Mini-ITX Small form factor designed for use in compact computers